About Us

Who we are

We are a family of dedicated people who collaborate to innovate; meticulously developing technology-driven solutions that actualize competencies and efficiencies, improve performance and increase cost savings within your institution.

What we do

Since its inception in 1989, ProgressSoft has furnished the financial world with a range of solutions that bring forth a new paradigm of operational excellence across several different business environments. We are focused on imaging technology to digitize traditional, paper-based processes. Riding the global wave of real-time payments, ProgressSoft has provided solid experience in the implementation of contemporary payment solutions across various payment channels, instruments and cycles.

ProgressSoft's expertise is reflected in abundant achievements in the fields of electronic check clearing, mobile payment, signature verification and recognition, Automated Clearing House (ACH) solutions, securities trading settlement and corporate banking and cash management.

About Us

ProgressSoft was founded on the premise of a deep, now long-standing, commitment to develop solutions that meet existing and anticipated market needs. Our solutions are truly innovative and can distinguish your organization, equipping it with a competitive edge and endless potential.

Early on, ProgressSoft recognized a need for advancing a digitized signature verification process for banks. Accordingly, we developed and introduced the region’s first Signature Verification System. Thereafter, we provided a range of pioneering solutions for document management, report management, archiving, and workflow.

In 2001, ProgressSoft proudly presented the world's First Electronic Image-based Check Clearing Solution, an unprecedented breakthrough in the payments field. This banking innovation was followed by a series of successful countrywide implementations, granting ProgressSoft worldwide recognition as an outstanding leading financial technology provider.

In 2010, ProgressSoft introduced PS-mPay, the Countrywide Mobile Payment Solution that allows customers to conduct money payment transactions using their hand-held mobiles and smart phones. This state-of-the-art solution enables banked and unbanked customers to conduct Person2Person, Person2Business, Person2Government and Point-of-Sale (NFC-based) Payments, in addition to Direct Credits, Bill Payments and International Remittances.

We add value to our clients by making available a broad range of innovative, mission-critical, cost-effective solutions from our portfolio of services.

  • ProgressSoft's business is based on the belief that each client and prospect counts; each person counts; each deed counts; and each contact between a client or a prospect and an associate counts. Each client and prospect is either a prospective future business or a prospective loss, depending upon the quality, reliability and responsiveness of our products, services and associates.

  • We are committed to advancing a superb vision in the belief that service quality is the ultimate competitive advantage for our business. We see superb service as a journey where, whenever we approach an identified destination, we increase our objectives and raise our goals.

  • A company owned by the staff is the key to our success. We attract, motivate, empower and retain exceptionally knowledgeable, talented, committed and engaged associates. Our associates have a strong work ethic and are results-orientated. They believe in and support our core values. We offer our associates challenges, opportunities, advancement, competitive compensation, benefits, personal training and development. We want each associate to feel like an integral part of the company, and accordingly we offer those who are committed and excel in their performance a future share in the company.

  • In product innovation and leadership, we strive to deliver innovative products and services to the market ahead of time on a consistent basis. Continuous high quality and the rapid development of new products and services is essential to maintaining and enhancing our competitiveness. We stay in tune with unmet client needs, if there are any, and proactively address them. We research and explore the latest innovations, ensuring we are the market leader in our business.

  • We focus on ethical issues. ProgressSoft's Code of Ethics expresses our commitment to the highest ethical standards and to conducting our business with the highest level of integrity.

  • We are proud of our record of consistent growth and seek to maintain it without sacrificing our principles.

  • Success is measured by increasing numbers of extremely satisfied clients, higher client retention rates, broader client relationships, increased market share, higher associate satisfaction, engagement and retention rates, and consistent implementation of our values and corporate philosophy, all of which result in ever-increasing revenues, earnings and shareholder value.

Our perpetual achievements are reflected in a large and mounting client base, spreading among the banking, financial, governmental, IT, communication and oil sectors.

At ProgressSoft, customer satisfaction serves as an important factor in the success equation of our corporation. We diligently provide meet all our clientele’s requirements with customized offerings, as well as comprehensive support, excellent after sale service and maintenance, enabling the confident execution of business plans.

Through building mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with our clients, we stay by their side and develop a better understanding of their needs and challenges.

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ProgressSoft's core set of offerings reflect our focused specialty in developing innovative imaging solutions and real-time payment systems to the banking and financial sectors. Our proficiency, expertise and pioneership is focused on precise areas of development. This is due to the fact that it is our core belief that companies who follow the “Jack-of-All-Trades” concept can struggle to offer mastership in all areas.

By accumulating an excellent knowledge base in our domain, we are able to add value to our solutions, understand client requirements, and develop all software modules and components internally, avoiding royalties and third party dependency.