About Us

Who we are

We are a family of passionate people dedicated to providing your institution with cost-efficient and mission-critical real-time payment solutions that simplify daily business processes and provide massive advantages to nations at large.

We serve 370 banks and central banks in 24 countries across the globe and boast a record of thousands of installations including several implementations at countrywide level.

What we do

Since our inception in 1989, we have introduced the financial world to a range of innovative real-time payment solutions that provide operational excellence across different business environments. Today, we are introducing the world to a new payments era as Pioneers of the Total National Payments System.

Our Total National Payments System (TNaPS) consolidates solutions all in one system in the fields of Central Bank Digital Currency, Mobile Payment Switching & Clearing, Mobile Payments, Real-time Retail Payments, Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment, Real-Time Gross Settlement, Automated Clearing House – Direct Credit and Direct Debit, Mandate Management, Electronic Funds Transfer and Electronic Check Clearing. This is in addition to Wage Protection, Dispute Management, and Signature Verification and Intelligent Signature Recognition. ProgressSoft’s TNaPS finalizes payments instantly using Blockchain-based Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), or by settling them using e-money through our RTGS solution.

About Us

We first made our mark in the global financial services domain in 1989 with the provision of the world’s first Signature Verification solution. ProgressSoft grew its expertise in payment technologies, swiftly penetrating the regional market with innovative check clearing solutions. With the signing of the first PS-ECC project in 2001, the world-first adoption of Electronic Check Clearing on a nationwide level was achieved.

In 2008, we pioneered the Mobile Payments System, PS-mPay, followed by the revolutionary Mobile Payment Switching & Clearing solution, PS-mpClear, which was introduced in 2010 to allow central banks to handle the rapid development of mobile payment technologies. The solution enables the central bank to maintain its regulatory role more efficiently; monitoring and controlling mobile payment channels.

In recent years, immediacy has become a necessity. New solutions were required that continuously strive to provide this. To serve this goal, we launched the nationwide Real-time Retail Payments System, PS-RPS, which allows customers to send money anywhere in the country at electronic speed, even when the banks are closed as it is designed to operate on a 24x7x365 basis. This is in addition to several other solutions in fields including, but not limited to, electronic funds transfer, dispute management and corporate banking.

In the era of digitization, central banks are moving towards issuing their own digital currency to meet the rapidly evolving market and consumer needs. To this end, we pioneered the Blockchain-based Central Bank Digital Currency solution, PS-CBDC. Our solution is a secure form of cryptocurrency built on the most advanced form of permissioned distributed ledger technology. PS-CBDC serves as a practically costless medium of exchange, a secure store of value, and a stable unit of account.

We also launched the world’s first instant Mobile Payments system feature that provides immediate transfer of value using the Blockchain-based cryptocurrency, CBDC.

Today, we are introducing the world to a new, all encompassing, Total National Payments System, TNaPS, that aims to facilitate payments for the financial sector nationwide.

To provide real-time payment solutions that simplify daily tasks in business and in life.

Our vision is to be the pioneering provider of real-time payment solutions where payments, clearing and settlement are no more accomplished by separate systems; but through one integral Total National Payments System.

Our clients are not only consumers, they are 'prosumers;' the producers and consumers of our real-time payment solutions. Our clients are involved in all phases of development to ensure that we meet and exceed their requirements with our customized offerings and transparent communication.

We believe in building mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with our clients and providing superb after-sale services and comprehensive support to enable the confident execution of our clients’ business plans.

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We have attained distinctive strengths that we capitalize on to sustain an admirable competitive advantage in the market. Our core strengths include, but are not limited to:

  • The world’s first innovator of the Total National Payments System that finalizes payments instantly using Blockchain-based Central Bank Digital Currency or by settlement of e-money through the RTGS.
  • The world’s first innovator of an instant Mobile Payments platform that settles payments instantly using Blockchain-based Central Bank Digital Currency.
  • The world’s first innovator and implementer of countrywide Electronic Image-based Check Clearing.
  • Our near three decades of experience in system programming offers platform and database independent solutions, but seamless integration with our clients’ existing solutions.
  • We own the whole software development cycle from system analysis, system design, programming, implementation, quality assurance, documentation, publishing, deployment and help desk; a strong commitment to superb service; product leadership; and a clear corporate philosophy.
  • We utilize an agile project management approach, Scrum, which introduces an iterative and incremental management framework and is the skeleton of the master project.
  • Our team of experts have adopted Extreme Programming (XP) engineering practices which is a software development method that emphasizes simplicity, feedback, courage and communication. Using XP, our client is considered as part of the ProgressSoft team to build a successful project together.
  • Our most critical strength is our belief that "ProgressSoft is a Company Owned by Its Staff."