Believing that a Company Owned by The Staff is the key to our success, we built our facilities to comprise top features and services to ensure maximum productivity by its employees in a comfortable, relaxing and healthy environment.

A consistent image of luxury, detail orientation and advanced technology is portrayed within each facade of the building where each part complies with international safety and quality standards.


A technology-savvy work environment where commitment to quality embraces ProgressSoft employees and their surroundings the same way we deliver it to our clientele.
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Meeting Rooms

ProgressSoft building offers a large number of meeting rooms for its employees to hold meetings, workshops and training sessions for the clients.
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ProgressSoft Lounge

ProgressSoft guests and visitors are received at a world-class reception area and a fully equipped lounge with casual meeting areas, a service bar, in addition to a business center to serve the business clients when needed.
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Dining Areas

To ensure that our staff is feeling energetic and productive throughout the day, ProgressSoft provides several food options, including Cafeterias, Vending Machines, and our own Online Food Ordering System.
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To break away from the working day and to recharge our employees with energy to sustain a high level of productivity.
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To maintain a healthy lifestyle and provide the employees with the means to get some workout during their business day.
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In appreciation of the gentler half of our society, ProgressSoft provides a nursery for the working moms.
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Parking Spaces

Parking options have been considered when constructing ProgressSoft building.
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Accessible Office Space

ProgressSoft Building was designed to enable convenient access for a broad range of abilities.
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