Accessible Office Space

We know how important it is that every member of our ProgressSoft family as well as their guests can easily and safely access the premises. With this in mind, the ProgressSoft Building was designed to enable convenient access for a broad range of abilities.


Our underground parking includes designated handicap-friendly parking spaces that offer more room for maneuver and are strategically positioned close to the entrance for secure and convenient parking.

Access Ramp

A handicap access ramp is installed at the entrance of the ProgressSoft Building to accommodate wheelchairs or people who find difficulty in using the stairs.

Automatic Door Activation Switches

Doors to enter the building and office are equipped with automatic door buttonsand fingerprint sensor switches, providing a barrier-free entry.

Automated External Defibrillators

AEDs are portable electronic medical devices that automatically check the heart rhythm and, in cases of cardiac arrest, can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm.As the well-being of our employees is a matter of necessity, two AEDs are available onsite on the Ground Level and in the Gym for emergencies.

Emergency Pull Cord Stations

Emergency pull cords are availablein both the cafeteria and in lavatories. In an emergency, when pulled, the station signals an alarm to the Human Capital department to provide immediate assistance.


Our cafeteria on the first basement level was designed to accommodate all needs. It is fully equipped with amenities that are reachable on a low platform level, and are fully accessible from the elevators.


Our lavatories on the first basement level are modified to increase accessibility for all our employees. The modifications include the provision of a more spacious area, versa frames and all amenities are in reach.

Our Contribution

In keeping with our diversity and inclusion policies, we will continue to provide our employees with a supreme level of comfort as well as a safe working environment.

ProgressSoft supports its handicap employees by providing them with custom-made wheelchairs that are tailored to satisfy their comfort and need. Our talented handicap personnel are also provided by ProgressSoft with the opportunity to develop their skills through personal trainings and participations in world-class championships.