A technology-savvy work environment where commitment to quality embraces ProgressSoft employees and their surroundings the same way we deliver it to our clientele.

Attention to detail is highly noticeable in all aspects of each floor, device, system, office and even chair in the building.

ProgressSoft's building utilizes the latest technologies in Building Management, Automation, Motion and Presence Detection, as well as Atmosphere Detection and Control.

Comprehensive firefighting measures have been adopted throughout the building, not to mention the impeccable safety measures that have been deployed for the Data Center that holds everyone's work.

To avoid any possible interruptions to the business day, a high-performing Power Generator is readily available to serve the power needs of the entire building.

ProgressSoft has even installed an ATM machine inside the company premises, offering more convenience to our staff.

ProgressSoft offers a green, smoke-free building where international standards and green initiatives across all facets of the building are successfully applied and achieved.