ProgressSoft Celebrates with the Winners of the Little League Programming Contest

Amman, Apr 30, 2017

ProgressSoft, in cooperation with Hello World Kids celebrated today with the winners of the Little League Programming Contest during an honorable graduation ceremony.

The contest was launched earlier this year as a joint effort between ProgressSoft and Hello World Kids aiming at teaching students from different classes of the society to use programming languages, with the support of the private sector to make this initiative successful.

Teams were gathered from different public schools around the country, where they worked on their projects up to the date of the contest and the graduation ceremony.

Each team consisted of 50 to 100 students that represented a supporting corporation and the team members are in the age of 9 to 11 years old, where the supporting corporations covered the costs of educating and training those students.

Students’ schedules were not affected, as they attended the programming lessons on Saturdays only, ensuring their academic performance at school is not affected.

The contest that was held prior to the graduation ceremony had a competitive edge to it, as it was conducted on a national level and included students from other schools that have previously adopted and learnt Hello World Kids curriculum.

The winners and their teachers were rewarded during the graduation ceremony which was sponsored by the Ministry of Education in Jordan, represented by H.E. Dr. Omar Razzaz and the sponsoring companies as well.