ProgressSoft Sponsors Inauguration of BuildTech

Amman, Dec 15, 2021

ProgressSoft sponsors the inauguration of the Capacity Building Initiative for Information Technology by King Abdullah II School of Information Technology (KASIT) at the University of Jordan.

The Capacity Building Initiative for Information Technology, BuildTech, was launched by the University of Jordan’s KASIT to create a sustainable future for the IT sector and digital economy in Jordan through bridging the gap between student skillsets and workforce requirements.

The inaugural event, which took place at the University of Jordan, gathered leading IT companies in Jordan to discuss areas of contribution that strengthen institutional capacities while providing mutually beneficial returns to the private sector, educators and students alike. The initiative will also result in ensuring the growth of the IT sector through joint activities and driving digital economy development.

Believing that companies have a responsibility to provide the assets now for students to provide the rewards in the future, ProgressSoft sponsored the inaugural BuildTech event in support of the new initiative which opens the way for a skilled workforce that will ultimately enhance innovation, strengthen institutional capacities, and place Jordan as a global IT hub.

During the event, ProgressSoft was also recognized for its versatile contributions to the University of Jordan including the refurbishment of the ProgressSoft Lab, curriculum updates and students’ training and sponsorship of events and contests.

ProgressSoft is delighted to be the long-term partner of the University of Jordan and is committed to continue in investing in generations of the future through several of its Corporate Social Responsibility tracks.