We believe that sharing knowledge, skills and experience can open doors for new business opportunities and give quantum leap advancement. Our strategic alliances combine our trusted products and resources with the expertise of the right partners, to ultimately upgrade our customer experience and add more value to our offerings.

HP IBM Microsoft Oracle Cisco Swift

ProgressSoft is currently working with most renowned corporations in the information industry field including HP, SWIFT, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, Sun, IBM and Cisco.

HP Global Technology Partner

ProgressSoft has been approached by the renowned HP, who, upon meticulously studying Qatar's implementation of PS-ECC, partnered with ProgressSoft for Electronic Check Clearing. ProgressSoft today is one of HP's four partners in the domain of National Payment Systems and the only Global Technology Partner in the field of Electronic Image-based Check Clearing. Working with HP, ProgressSoft has been penetrating the international financial arena and marketing its check clearing innovation worldwide. The solution has been presented to the top global banking forces, such as the US Federal Reserve, Bank of New York and JP Morgan Chase.

SWIFT Partner

Since 2005, ProgressSoft has been a SWIFT Solution Partner with respect to its Prompt xBorder Solution, which is an electronic web-based check clearing solution used to clear checks across banks and their correspondents or between headquarters and their cross-border branches. Prompt xBorder utilizes SWIFT Network and FileAct Protocols to transfer check images and associated data between the parties involved in a secure and efficient manner. Upon this partnership, ProgressSoft had a demo server of Prompt xBorder solution installed for presentation purposes in SWIFT Offices in New York.

Microsoft Partner

ProgressSoft is a certified Microsoft Partner. This partnership declares that ProgressSoft has passed a high level of requirements from Microsoft and has demonstrated robust, efficient and scalable implementations of Microsoft technologies. Working closely with Microsoft, we continuously align our products with the latest developments to ensure mutual customer benefits. ProgressSoft achieves this with a familiar user interface, smooth product interoperability, and leveraging of the same technical training investment.

Oracle Partner

ProgressSoft is one of Oracle's Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the Oracle Partner Network. Oracle ISVs develop applications that are built on, integrated with, or embed Oracle products within them. Together, Oracle and ProgressSoft meet customer needs with industry-leading solutions that are powered by Oracle technology or are tightly linked to Oracle Applications. ProgressSoft also provides licenses and support services for Oracle Application Server, Database and else as part of its turnkey solution offerings.

Red Hat® Ready Partner

ProgressSoft works closely with Red Hat with regards to training, online resources and support, as well as product marketing collateral and campaigns. ProgressSoft's partnership with Red Hat highlights the company's pervasive commitment to open source solutions.

With our range of business-savvy innovations, we never cease to attract prominent technology providers with whom we collaborate to render best solutions and ultimately benefit our clients. Our partnerships ensure that our systems are exploiting most sophisticated networks, devices and applications while operating across several environments. ProgressSoft's doors are constantly open for such added-value endeavors.

By becoming a ProgressSoft Partner, you team up with a range of pioneering solutions that can seamlessly integrate with your offerings and optimize your services. With our extensive exposure and contribution to the local, regional and international scope of the financial market, we enhance your competitiveness and shrewdly meet the requirements of a diverse clientele.

Upon combining our marketing, sales and technical expertise, we dedicate efforts to maximize your business success. We're ready to work with you to unravel strategies that would eventually lead to a mutually rewarding relationship.

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