Securities Trading Settlement


PS-eTrade is an end-to-end, straight-through-processing solution that provides you with electronic means to perform real-time settlement of securities trading. The solution links banks and brokers via a secure electronic payment network, controlled by a payment switch which is presented by the clearing house. Online routing and settlement of trading transactions are conducted by PS-eTrade at the dealer, investor or broker level, passing through specially designed gateways at the broker and bank.

Executive Overview
  • End-to-end gateways connecting banks and brokers.
  • Reduced risk of brokerage practices.
  • Highly secure clearing and settlement platform.

Safe Trading Environment
The real-time execution of trading transactions contributes to significant risk reduction on the broker side as online query of investor balance can be conducted before carrying out the trade. Immediate recognition of investor fund status saves crucial time and cuts down losses incurred by any delay in trade conduct.

Enhanced Settlement Operations
PS-eTrade extends full automation of the trading cycle, enabling prompt investor registration at the broker and stock market and direct opening of new investment bank accounts at the point of registration. Electronically conducted processes reduce the overall costs of processing securities transactions while allowing trading transactions to be carried out in seconds, raising the total number of transactions accomplished within the same trading window.

PS-eTrade ensures proper conduct of trading transactions by monitoring query screens and providing a valuable set of reconciliation, ad-hoc and history reports. High security measures are enforced with different user authentication and authorization levels and a set of audit trails. PS-eTrade exploits modern digital communication and networking technologies to facilitate seamless integration between all contributing parties including the broker, bank and payment switch.

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