Consultancy Services

In today's increasingly regulated, technology-dependent and competitive world, every organization aims to ensure it is operating efficiently, effectively and in compliance with all applicable guidelines and regulations.

However, dealing with day-to-day issues can leave little time to consider the bigger picture and identify areas for potential improvement. ProgressSoft consultants are ideally placed to take that 'outside in' view and provide you with impartial, unbiased advice on your business.

ProgressSoft provides a range of independent and related ICT, information and business consultancy services to a wide variety of clients across the banking, public and private sectors. We act as a trusted advisor to our clients on any and every aspect of their ICT, information and business, from small scale projects to national scale initiatives involving multiple parties.

We provide advice on a wide range of issues across the following areas:

  • Information Systems Strategy
  • Information Management & Security
  • Business and Technical Requirements
  • Project Management and Structuring
  • Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering

Consultancy involves analyzing business objectives, looking at current systems and working practices, steering decision making and gathering all the requirements for a project. We respect that not every organization has a crystal clear vision of their requirements, so with our extensive experience and business understanding, we have the long term vision to help you identify where you need to be, then help you get there.

Business IT Consulting

The rapid evolution of information technology is driving momentous change in the way business is conducted. Technology by itself will not achieve the results necessary for success:

  • Business needs must be translated into architectural requirements and IT standards.
  • Business processes, procedures and responsibilities must be evaluated, defined and clearly communicated.
  • Migration plans are required to ensure a smooth transition.

Without an understanding of how processes and organizational structures need to change, implementing new technology can result in time delays, lost productivity, missed expectations and little to no return on investment.

Through ProgressSoft's Business IT Consulting, professionals assess and design a holistic technical and organizational framework that effectively supports strategic requirements. Implementation of these business processes, roles, activities, tools and performance measurements are proven to eliminate duplicative or inefficient manual tasks, integrate processes across physical locations, organizational boundaries and business disciplines, and generate repositories of intellectual assets.

Additionally, ProgressSoft realizes that for many organizations the real issue is that they may never be successful until they stop patching the old process and design a clean new one. ProgressSoft's consulting expertise can determine if an operation or process needs a simple tune-up, or a major overhaul. Whether the project warrants an enterprise-wide implementation or a single-point solution, ProgressSoft delivers consulting services that will leverage IT to achieve business goals and strengthen competitive advantage.

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