Development Methodologies

In today’s global marketplace, complexity and speed are both inevitable and essential. In such an environment, a good maxim for project management is “do it, do it right, do it right now.” To this end, ProgressSoft takes special care in the adoption of advanced project management methodologies to meet client requirements and build mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships.


Our team of experts have selected the most suitable method that aligns with strategic project objectives: Scrum. This is an agile project management approach that introduces an iterative and incremental project management framework. It is the skeleton of the master project, where it serves the development and delivery of the proposed system as per the agreed requirements.

Conceptually, Scrum is a very simple process that is based on iterations to satisfy predefined objectives by the end of each Scrum period. It is one of the most efficient agile software development approaches that provides various advantages including enhanced quality of deliverables, reduction of project duration and receipt of expected features as working increments along the project duration. This change-driven and time-efficient approach adapts suggested changes through customer feedback, allowing the enhancement of deliverables in successive phases.

Extreme Programming (XP)

Our team of experts have also adopted Extreme Programming (XP) engineering practices; which is a software development method that emphasizes simplicity, feedback, courage and communication. XP’s great assumption is that a little bit of planning, a little bit of coding and a little bit of testing allows you to determine whether you are on the right track, while it is still cost-efficient to change your mind.

Using XP, our client is considered as part of the ProgressSoft team to build a successful project together. The client is involved in all phases of the project development through regular, reliable and rapid communication, allowing them to address business concerns directly and accurately, improve confidence, reduce misunderstanding and produce desired results more quickly. The client can provide the project team with immediate and constant feedback and guide the project to deliver value which is in addition to accelerating the process of adding any new required features.


ProgressSoft is committed to partnering with our clients to reach strategic project objectives in a cost-efficient and time-effective manner. ProgressSoft clients are not only “con-sumers,” they are also “pro-sumers” that are involved in all phases of the software’s development and implementation, a key ingredient to co-creating successful, manageable and sustainable software.

Following the delivery of our products, we remain at the client’s side whilst providing comprehensive support, in addition to post-sale and maintenance services, enabling them to execute their business plans with confidence.

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