Enterprise Deployment

Rolling out a new solution into your environment could not be any easier when you engage with ProgressSoft Professional Services. These services are designed to take the guesswork out through determining the exact requirements for your organization to install a new system, to upgrade from a previous version of our solution set, or to migrate from any other platform.

Whether you are deploying a couple of systems or a couple of hundred systems, our deployment expertise can make this a worry-free matter. ProgressSoft applies the best methods to minimize business interruption and maximize migration efficiency. Your servers are your livelihood and excessive downtime is not an option. Our engineers have the expertise to troubleshoot any problems that may arise during the deployment and get your new systems up quickly and functioning properly.

ProgressSoft's mobile teams of technicians and engineers can be deployed for long or short term engagements to ensure client satisfaction.

After our solution is launched, and upon request, we can provide ongoing consultancy services on future performance reviews and fine tuning, to ensure you are continuing to meet and further exceed your goals.

Assessment Services

Whether you are migrating to a completely new operating system or upgrading point releases, ensuring that your critical data is preserved and your applications function properly is our number one priority.

Our engineers will thoroughly examine your current hardware and software infrastructure to assess your readiness to move to the new system. Whether you are currently on a prior version or coming from a completely different platform, our engineers will assist you to complete a worry-free transition.

Porting Services

Introducing a new platform often means porting your custom software to ensure that it functions properly in your new environment. Our team is uniquely qualified to get your application up and running on any platform, as all our solutions are platform, database and hardware independent. Our intimate knowledge of platforms and wealth of application software experience with both in-house and third party applications set us apart as the number one choice for your needs. Whether your porting job consists of a few small shell scripts or a large database, our engineers are ready to help build your software's future.

Data Migration

If you are upgrading from an older version of our software, or migrating from a completely different one, ProgressSoft's team can do all the data conversion needs to ensure its compatibility with the newly adopted system and to guarantee a smooth and pain-free transition for your user community.

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