H.E. Mrs. Majd Shweikeh

Minister of Information and Communications Technology - Jordan

I was really impressed during my visit to ProgressSoft with the high level of professionalism and the amazing environment that reflects on how the management values its people by availing all the means and the tools towards achieving high performance, which is evident in the growth that the company is witnessing year on year.

Abdullah Barakat

The University of Edinburgh

"Interning at ProgressSoft during the summer provided me with an opportunity to develop my software engineering skills. I was appointed with the task of developing a team video chat application that is meant to be used internally in order to facilitate communication between teams. My mentor Mahmoud Abu Zamel was extremely helpful from Day 1, providing me with guidance and teaching me about the things that were needed in order for me to develop the application. My teammates were also always ready to give me advice with regards to any issues I had, and the work environment was highly collaborative and friendly at the company. Overall, I had a very positive and rewarding internship experience at ProgressSoft and would highly recommend interning there!"

Alyamama Al Abdulsalam

International School of Oman

"ProgressSoft is a superlative corporation that offers opportunities for students to be trained at the company and be exposed to real-life business scenarios. The working environment is excellent. My colleagues were very supportive and helped me through my journey. Aside from the skills I gained, I learned many life lessons. The experience enriched my communication skills and improved my network. I am very grateful for this opportunity, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience."

Dana Ayyash

University of Waterloo

"My internship at ProgressSoft during Summer 2015 was a memorable experience. It was my first real life job, but more importantly, a great opportunity that helped me acquire and develop a number of skills, after working in a company specialized in software development. The atmosphere at ProgressSoft was quite warm, receptive and supportive, on managerial, technical and administrative levels. I have learnt a lot of important concepts through the tasks that I was given during my internship. The sense of usefulness, achievement and self-confidence was an added bonus.

I can’t thank ProgressSoft and the staff enough for the enjoyable and rewarding experience, and I feel very lucky to have started my series of internships with them. Wishing everyone at ProgressSoft continued progress and success"

Domingo Hui

University of Waterloo

"I'm very grateful for the opportunity at ProgressSoft. I learned a ton about the agile methodology and test-driven development. I also enjoyed working with everyone on the team! One thing I am thankful for is the feedback and guidance that I constantly received from my teammates. They were very important to me as an intern to grow. On a side note, I also miss the fun times and outings we had in Jordan!"

Dr. Adli Kandah

Director General - Association of Banks in Jordan

ProgressSoft's sponsorship and participation in Amman Banking Forum 2011 contributed to the success of the event and enriched the forum’s discussions. ProgressSoft visibly portrayed the prominent position it dominates in the Jordanian economic arena and reaffirmed its commitment to embrace informative, economic activities that impact the country's banking sector.

Fadi Naoum

German Jordanian University

“During my internship at ProgressSoft, I learnt so many things that will benefit me in my studies and my future career. The tasks that I was assigned helped me learn a lot of software development techniques and technologies. I found it very beneficial that I got to see how software development teams work together to develop real-world software. I am also very happy that I got to meet a lot of wonderful and talented people who work at ProgressSoft. My experience as an intern at ProgressSoft has been truly amazing and enlightening.”

Farah Ashqar

The University of Toronto

"My summer internship at ProgressSoft was a very rewarding experience. For the first time, I was involved in a professional agile software development environment where I learned more about software design patterns and principles. In addition to learning a new programming language, working with my team improved my communication and teamwork skills. The work environment was very welcoming and friendly, and the staff was always supportive and helpful. I am very grateful for this opportunity and wouldn't hesitate to go back for another internship!"

Jozef Bernát

Slovak University of Technology

"My internship at ProgressSoft for the duration of 2 months was very useful and has helped me improve my programming skills in Java. I have gained experiences in pair programming and worked in a well-organized agile software development team. A big advantage is that mentors are programmers with many years of experience in ProgressSoft Corporation. As a non-Arabic speaker, I can highlight that all team communications and stand-up meetings were conducted in English to accommodate for myself. I am really satisfied with every day spent with the people and work in ProgressSoft."

Karim Khaleel

Carleton University

"Interning at ProgressSoft has been my first experience in the professional world of software development and it has been crucial in my development as a programmer. I had learned a lot about software development and the development life cycle of a program, while meeting many interesting people and making new friends. The employees were very kind and helpful and made me feel like part of a community. I still feel nostalgia thinking about my time at ProgressSoft."

Maya Zabaneh

University of Pierre and Marie Curie

"My 2017 and 2018 summer internships at ProgressSoft Corporation in Jordan provided me with valuable hands-on experience about the Business field. It has given me the opportunity to see much more about the Business Development sector than I am able to learn in the classroom. I have developed many skills by conducting market research and identifying potential business partnerships.

I also benefited from attending training programs and meetings and have enjoyed the friendship that was developed with my colleagues during my time here. Other things that I have valued most about my internship here include the nice and supportive working environment and the company’s commitment to providing excellent services to its customers."

Mazen Anastas

University of Nice Sophia Antipolis Polytech

"From day one, I had access to the most suited professionals along with the relevant knowledge and training, so I could kick-start my learning process in the right direction! Furthermore, the small team I worked with showed great patience, understanding and expertise; in the face of my never-ending stream of questions. Truly, one of the best experiences I've ever had, which I'm sure I would've found nowhere else."

Mr. Abdullah Al Balushi

Manager Funds Transfer & Payment Operations - alizz islamic bank, Sultanate of Oman

ProgressSoft team guidance and support to alizz islamic bank business requirements was outstanding during the bank's project implementation. Additionally, during the bank's go-live period the Electronic Check Clearing team were also extremely timely and supportive. We sincerely thank this great team for the excellent deliverables.

Mr. Ali Ahmed AI Kuwari

General Manager Technology & Operations - Qatar National Bank

Meeting QNB's fast-paced business requirements, ProgressSoft's staff deployed their proficient technical background to render timely deliverables, seamless integration with our systems, and value-added solutions that streamline our ability to extend the best service to our clients.

Mr. Ali Ahmed AI Kuwari

General Manager Technology & Operations - Qatar National Bank

Implementation of ProgressSoft's Securities Trading E-Settlement System accomplishes real-time settlement in Qatar and opens the door for customer online trading as well as Internet and terminal enabled trading for brokers.

Mr. Ali Ahmed AI Kuwari

General Manager Technology & Operations - Qatar National Bank

Our partnership with ProgressSoft has once again proved to be prosperous and mutually rewarding.

Mr. Dimitrios Gkiokas

Chief Operating Officer - HSBC Bank Middle East Limited

The excellent support provided by ProgressSoft team to HSBC clearly demonstrates ProgressSoft's commitment to customer service and operational excellence. We are very pleased that you have met and exceeded our expectations in this respect.

Mr. H.V. Sheshadri

PS-ROPS System Go-live Announcement Ceremony - Senior DGM - Bank Sohar

We are very happy with our partnership with ProgressSoft. These partners of ours are people of impeccable credentials, they also have partnered with the Central Bank of Oman for payment systems. These people, this product, and this configuration were made especially for Bank Sohar and for Oman. My colleague just mentioned that we are committed to excellence. It's not a statement only it's an action.

Mr. Hashim Al-Sada

Director of IT, Development and Planning - Qatar Central Bank

As of 2001, we have been jointly embracing a worldwide pioneering experience with ProgressSoft; since deploying its innovational Electronic Check Clearing Solution, ProgressSoft has excelled at meeting our precise business requirements and continuously satisfied our ever growing technology needs.

Mr. Hilal Ali AlBarwani

Senior Manager Operations - HSBC Bank Middle East Limited

It is my pleasure to have witnessed the very successful implementation of ProgressSoft Electronic Image-based Cheque Clearing System (CIS) Project Phase I here in Oman. It got implemented on time (in spite of its complexity) and within the agreed budget, which I think is a great achievement to all stakeholders.

Mr. Jamal Al Raisi

Payment Systems Department Manager - Central Bank of Oman

Throughout the past 13 months, ProgressSoft's staff has exploited their proficient technical background and rich experience to meet our business requirements and render timely deliverables.

Mr. Jamal Al Raisi

Payment Systems Department Manager - Central Bank of Oman

Today, upon this rewarding partnership with ProgressSoft, we managed to conclude a success story and a nationwide banking milestone.

Mr. Joe Lott

Director of Banking and Payment Solutions - Financial Services Industry - Hewlett Packard

HP picked ProgressSoft as our electronic check clearing partner for a variety of reasons. We liked the outstanding technical quality and well designed features of the software, but even more important was their commitment to making each implementation successful.

Mr. Osama Al-Haj

Chief Operating Officer - Housing Bank

We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have always been able to rely on your flexibility and courteous service, your staff has consistently made extra efforts to assist us in completing our projects on time

Mr. Patrick Speisser

Consultant - Bank Nizwa

PS-ECC provides Bank Nizwa with a flawless process that integrates perfectly into Oman's Cheque Clearing System, ensuring impeccable treatment of customer cheques.

Mr. Patrick Speisser

Consultant - Bank Nizwa

Implementation of PS-ECC was a straight forward process that covered all of our needs and requirements with no unexpected hiccups, which is particularly valuable for a green field bank such as Bank Nizwa.

Mr. Patrick Speisser

Consultant - Bank Nizwa

During the PS-ECC implementation, a project team from ProgressSoft that had full knowledge of both the technical and the functional aspects of the Cheque Clearing System supported Bank Nizwa. More importantly, the project manager and the whole team paid great attention to our requirements and were flexible enough to constantly adjust to our constraints, in addition to having this really pro-active attitude that helped us to prevent issues and stay within the scheduled timelines.

Mr. Rashid Daoudi

Deputy CEO - Jordan National Bank

For over a decade, ProgressSoft has been a strategic partner for Jordan National Bank; their products and services were essential to our bank. What is unique about ProgressSoft is the great efficiency and swift response to our bank's changing demands, not to mention the security and cost saving aspects in their products and services.

Mr. Sameer Alquza

Project Manager - Central Bank of Jordan

We consider ProgressSoft an important strategic partner for us.

Mr. Sameer Alquza

Project Manager - Central Bank of Jordan

The advanced version of PS-ASV offers the Central Bank of Jordan a new approach to solving issues that were faced in the older versions.

Mr. Taher Ahmed Bafagih

Executive Manager - Development and Projects Department - Project Manager for Electronic Clearing System - Qatar Islamic Bank

PS-ECC has proved to all critics that it's an outstanding system that deserves all credentials. It goes without saying that this achievement has played a vital role in engineering Qatar economy.

Mr. Taher Ahmed Bafagih

Executive Manager - Development and Projects Department - Project Manager for Electronic Clearing System - Qatar Islamic Bank

ProgressSoft invested in employing a young, dedicated staff who demonstrate good skills, and are available as and when needed serving their clients with a smile. The company has earned what it deserves for its outstanding performance in Qatar.

Mr. Wael Al Qadi

Assistant General Manager - Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB)

We are always keen to collaborate and grow with ProgressSoft. We are benefiting from all their solutions, and thus we keep a close eye on their new offerings and technology.

Mr. Wael Al Qadi

Assistant General Manager - Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB)

Integrating [our new core banking system] with ProgressSoft's solutions presented us with a fully-fledged system that performs impeccable signature verification and check clearing processes.

Mr. Yousif Janahi

Head of Project Management Office - Bank Nizwa

ProgressSoft team has been very helpful throughout the implementation phase; whenever we need them, whether or not it's during office hours and/or holidays, they are always available.

Mr. Yousif Janahi

Head of Project Management Office - Bank Nizwa

Bank Nizwa customer orientation is at the heart of our operations therefore it is important for us to ensure accuracy, speed and efficiency. Working with ProgressSoft has offered us just that. The Management and staff are very friendly and professional. Our work with them up till now has been nothing but positive.

Mr. Zeidan Abdel Salam

IT Expert & PMO Supervisor - Oman Development Bank

I would like to thank ProgressSoft for the efforts and support they have provided during the Upgrade and Integration of PS-ECC with our Core Banking System. I really appreciate the way that the project ended successfully and looking forward to receiving your help and support after this stage.

Ms. Faiza Al Rawahi

Head of Branch Support & Payments / Central Operations - Bank Sohar

ProgressSoft proved time and again that it could provide high quality products and services before, during and post go live project phases. The team is flexible during the project execution and has implemented many changes on the spot upon Bank Sohar requests to meet our ambitious requirements. They are now part of our team with their usual excellent and close follow up. In fact, we confirm that you deserve more to be said compared to your excellent service.

Rami Anastas

INSA Lyon (National Institute of Applied Sciences)

"During my internship at ProgressSoft, I got first-hand insights into the daily activities of different business units spanning from technical support to project management and business development. I also had the opportunity to attend meetings with high-profile clients and stakeholders, work as part of a dedicated Scrum team, and collaborate on a side project directly with the CTO. Getting this kind of exposure early on in my career has definitely made this experience one of the most rewarding yet!"

Varant Izmirian

University of Exeter

"My time at ProgressSoft, although short, has elevated my standards as well as knowledge of how a high functioning company should operate. Throughout my time I had been assigned real-world rigorous assignments, which with the continuous support of the staff, I was able to complete. The entire staff treated me like they would themselves, I felt integrated with the company and knew that although I was an intern I had a say.
I enjoyed every minute of my time there and thank them for truly expanding my horizon."

Zaid Shair

Princess Sumaya University for Technology

"ProgressSoft is an industry leader, with whom I chose to be part of their offered internship program. My experience there was quite rewarding, I've always felt appreciated for my hard work or for going the extra mile. The days were eventful and never dull, to which their great facilities added a flavor to the time I spent there. The professional atmosphere at ProgressSoft makes me not hesitate twice to consider working at this wonderful community. They have definitely raised the bar for the work environment."