Training Programs

Training Programs

As the key to long-term success for a newly implemented solution is knowledge, ProgressSoft offers training programs that ensure the organization can proficiently operate the solution, perform routine maintenance, troubleshoot problems and create new administrative functionalities.

ProgressSoft’s training programs are tailored according to each organization’s needs and conducted in parallel with solution deployment through a full-fledged lab, placed either on-site or on ProgressSoft premises, to simulate the organization’s real environment.

Training Program Phases

All ProgressSoft training programs are divided into three sequential phases:

  1. Class-Based Training
    Trainees comprehend the needed tasks through watching and listening to a ProgressSoft trainer.

  2. Lab-Based Training
    Trainees begin working on the solution in a lab-controlled environment supervised by a ProgressSoft trainer.

  3. Hands-On Training
    Trainees conduct actual live or piloting work on the solution with the availability and assistance of ProgressSoft trainers.

Training Program Types

End-User Training

The End-User Training Program is designed to furnish well-trained users for the newly implemented solution through a comprehensive training course and examination that equips certified users with sufficient experience to conduct needed operations according to their role in the organization.

The training curriculum is updated by ProgressSoft on a quarterly basis and in line with software updates after thorough examination of upgraded features to ensure certified users are always well-informed.

Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer Program provides a cost-efficient training mechanism for large organizations with a high employee turnover rate, or organizations implementing a solution that requires the training of thousands of users within a tight schedule.

Within this program, ProgressSoft trains a core team of functional and technical organizational leads on the new solution, who are then responsible to share that knowledge with subject matter experts within the organization.

After gaining the required expertise, organization users are selected to identify and develop the required training material in collaboration with ProgressSoft.

Ultimately the organization is equipped with proficient solution users with massive added value before and after implementation.

On-Site Classroom Training

The On-Site Classroom Training Program is designed to deliver classroom training by ProgressSoft either at the organization’s facility to provide cost-efficient means of training services for the organization, or at ProgressSoft premises to cater to each organization’s preference and provide greater flexibility.

The program courses are tailored to meet each organization’s individualistic needs and challenges, and provides enhanced management with more impactful results.

Other Professional Services:

Consulting Services

ProgressSoft provides a range of independent and related ICT, information and business consultancy services to a wide variety of clients across the banking, public and private sectors.

Enterprise Software Deployment

Designed to take the guesswork out through determining the exact requirements for your organization to install a new system, to upgrade from a previous version.

Software Integration

Compatibility between systems is one of the most important issues for almost any organization. Today, seamless integration is no more an added-value. It is a must.