Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment


ProgressSoft’s Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment is an advanced digital solution that offers real-time presentment of bill content and payment choices for billers to electronically submit their bills, and end users to settle them.

The solution consolidates bills provided by separate billers into electronic format, allowing connected financial institutions to electronically retrieve and present bills to their customers via online channels.



Centralized Services

PS-EBPP offers a centralized bill presentment and payment channel that enables end users to retrieve due bills from different billers through one secure electronic channel published by financial institutions via their online channels.

Centralized Services
Versatile Presentment and Payment Options

Versatile Presentment and Payment Options

PS-EBPP supports full and partial payments as well as payment advice from other systems at the regulatory body. It seamlessly connects with multiple channels including Automated Clearing House (ACH), Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and other payments, clearing or settlement solutions.

Value-Added Portal

PS-EBPP provides a secure portal for billers that do not have integration capabilities to upload their bills and download reconciliation reports. The portal also provides financial institutions with the ability to provide their bill payment and presentment services to unbanked users.

Value-Added Portal

More features

Superior Management

PS-EBPP empowers the regulatory body hosting the system with the capability to manage participant billers and financial institutions, apply rules, limits, mandates and charges configuration, in addition to generating statistical and transactional reports.

Flexible Bill Presentment

PS-EBPP enables billers to submit their bills to the system once they are issued or retain and submit bills once instructed by an end user. Financial institutions are also provided with this capability on behalf of indirect billers.

Intelligent Bill Presentment

PS-EBPP is designed with the capability to support both one-time and recurring bills, as well as automatically search and provide them to the instructing financial institution’s online channel in real-time.

Open Application Programming Interfaces

PS-EBPP utilizes open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for all participants including billers and financial institutions. This relieves financial institutions from developing biller-specific interfaces to be able to consolidate bills from different billers.

Connected Participants

PS-EBPP connects multiple participants in the bill payments cycle including billers that issue and submit bills, financial institutions that retrieve bill information and present them to end users, and the regulatory body or operator responsible for managing system settings and definitions.

Valuable Modules

PS-EBPP provides participants such as billers and financial institutions with management over customer profiles, count and amount limits, fees and charges, files upload facilities as well as numerous reports and queries.

Centralized Profiles

PS-EBPP provides end users with the flexibility to register and manage their bills in one centralized platform. As such, end users can access their bills, which are already defined in the system, from different financial institutions.

Multicurrency Support

PS-EBPP offers multicurrency support in which billers can issue bills in multiple currencies which will be presented to end users through the financial institution.