Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment


ProgressSoft's Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (PS-EBPP) is an electronic channel for distributing bills and collecting payments online. It marks an evolutionary logical extension of communication that enhances and reinforces the biller's relationship with the customer.

By utilizing PS-EBPP potentials, billers will be able to eliminate the costs associated with printing paper bills, reduce delivery delays, and save time and expenses for customers. At the same time, customers are provided with a fast and simplified way to manage their bill payments without the inconvenience of physically going to the biller's collection points to pay.

PS-EBPP can revolutionize the entire billing process by offering online and real-time presentment of bill content and payment choices.

PS-EBPP is a web-based gateway portal system that enables billers to electronically submit their bills, and consumers to pay those bills. PS-EBPP consolidates the bills provided by various billers (such as utility companies and telecommunication companies) into electronic format, allowing the connected banks to easily retrieve the bills and present them to their customers through their electronic channels such as online banking and mobile banking.

Through the banks' channels and Mobile Payment Service Providers (PSPs), customers can view and pay their bills and the payment will directly affect the status of the presented bill. In a typical transaction, a customer views the information of a bill, together with access for suitable payment options. Customers can then choose to pay the displayed bill by selecting a method of payment and initiating the transfer of funds.

PS-EBPP empowers the entity hosting the system (PS-EBPP Operator) with the capability to control the modus operandi of the system, managing the participating billers and banks, and generating statistical and transactional reports.

The system supports several types of participants, differentiated by their roles and functionalities. Participants in PS-EBPP may include billers, those responsible for issuing bills and submitting them to PS-EBPP; banks, those responsible for retrieving bills information and presenting them to their customers; and the operator of PS-EBPP. The operator would manage system settings and definitions to control the way PS-EBPP operates. It will also be responsible for applying rules and mandates corresponding to the laws and regulations related to bill presentment and payment.

Billers can submit their bills using two modes: Push Mode, where a biller regularly pushes files that contain bill information to PS-EBPP, and Pull Mode, where a biller maintains all bill information online on their systems. In this case, PS-EBPP will communicate with the biller's system and pull the available list of bills to retrieve the bills of a customer upon request.

PS-EBPP offers various benefits to different participants in the system.

For Customers:

  • Centralized Bill Presentment Mechanism.
  • Customer Convenience.
  • Customer Time/Cost Saving.

For Billers:

  • Reduced Payment Collection Time.
  • Improved Cash Flow and Forecasting.
  • Improved Customer Service.
  • Better Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction.
  • Billing Cost Reduction.

For Banks and PSPs:

  • Advantage Over the Competition.
  • Easier Integration with Billers.
  • New Revenue Channels.
  • Better Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction.

At the national level, having PS-EBPP running across different sectors of the economy can contribute significantly to reducing the use and dependency on cash, thereby facilitating statistical reporting.

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