Development Methodologies

ProgressSoft utilizes advanced development methodologies that adapt to change, maintain internal agility and serve a hybrid approach with clients. These methodologies ensure that ProgressSoft clients are involved in all phases of software development and implementation; a key ingredient to co-creating successful, manageable and sustainable payment systems.


ProgressSoft experts have selected an agile project management approach that introduces an iterative project management framework known as Scrum. Conceptually, Scrum is a very simple process that is based on iterations to satisfy predefined objectives, it is however, the skeleton of the master project; serving the development and delivery of the solution as per the agreed requirements.

Why Scrum?

  • Enhanced quality of deliverables
  • Time-efficient project duration
  • Receipt of expected features along the project duration
  • Adaptation to suggested changes through client feedback
  • Enhancement of deliverables in successive phases

Extreme Programming

ProgressSoft experts have also selected a software development methodology that emphasizes simplicity, feedback and communication known as Extreme Programming (XP). XP is based on the assumption that a little bit of planning, a little bit of coding and full unit testing for a selected task allows you to determine whether you are on the right track – while it is still cost-efficient to change your mind.

Why Extreme Programming?

  • Accurate and direct addressing of business concerns
  • Improved confidence and reduced misunderstanding
  • Time-efficient production of results
  • Accelerated process of adding new features
  • Full guidance of the project with immediate feedback