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Established in 1989, ProgressSoft is a global payment solutions provider focused on real-time payments, clearing and settlement solutions tailored to the needs of the financial sector.


In 1989, ProgressSoft’s co-founders envisioned a world of digital payment solutions that simplify daily business processes for financial institutions and provide massive advantages to countries at large.


In 2001, the vision was turned into reality when ProgressSoft created and implemented the world’s first countrywide Electronic Check Clearing solution. Ever since, a new era of payment solutions was brought to life.


Today, ProgressSoft is an innovator of world-first payment solutions and the preferred payment solutions partner for banks, central banks and financial institutions across the globe.

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ProgressSoft creates and nurtures long-term partnerships with over 370 renowned banks, central banks and financial institutions with thousands of implementations including 19 countrywide implementations.

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ProgressSoft clients are based in 24 countries across 7 territories across the globe, with a team of leaders in innovation operating out of 7 offices in Jordan, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Germany and Nepal.

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Core Competencies

In-House Development

ProgressSoft solutions are fully designed and developed in-house, from solution analysis and design, to deployment and support services, offering highly regarded solutions.

Tailored Features

ProgressSoft solutions offer bespoke features that are fully customized according to each client’s needs. With inherent modular designs, tailoring solution features is simplified and cost-efficient.

Seamless Integration

ProgressSoft solutions are designed to be platform and database independent, interoperable and seamlessly integrate with third-party payment ecosystems.

International Compliance

ProgressSoft solutions are in full compliance with international best practices and standards including the World Bank, Financial Markets Infrastructure, the Bank for International Settlements and more.


ProgressSoft’s nurtures a team of leaders in innovation that utilize modernistic development methodologies in an enriching atmosphere.


Our vision is to be the pioneering provider of real-time payment solutions where payments, clearing and settlement are no more accomplished by separate systems; but through one integral Total National Payments System.


Founded on the belief that those who contribute to the company’s success should enjoy a share of it, excelling team members are awarded a share in the company to become shareholders of ProgressSoft.


To provide real-time payment solutions that simplify daily tasks in business and in life.

What We Do

We provide tailored, interoperable and advanced payment solutions to set off your digital transformation journey.