Automated Clearing House (ACH)


PS-MMS is an advanced, centralized system installed at the Central Bank/Clearing House to manage the life cycle of mandates in a paperless environment. PS-MMS provides a fully-automated and streamlined process for mandate management endorsed with a digital signature. PS-MMS provides various features that satisfy the requirements of mandate initiation, amendment, cancellation, deferment, continuation, transfer, enquiry and payment verification.

PS-MMS allows consumers to produce and generate Direct Debit transactions in real-time.

Key Features
  • Seamless integration with the Automated Clearing House system
  • Compliance with international standards including ISO20022 (MX)
  • Mandates can be initiated, amended, cancelled or enquired about by the Creditor or Debtor
  • Mandates can be transferred from one bank to another by the Creditor or Debtor
  • Mandates can be deferred and then continued by Debtors

PS-MMS provides a new secure and convenient alternative to managing mandates with advantages for all parties:

For Banks

  • Provision of new services for clients
  • Reduction in overhead costs
  • Increased revenue channels
  • Automatic storage and retrieval of mandate data
  • A new paperless mandate management environment

For Corporations

  • Reduction in turnaround time for customers
  • Ultramodern service that provides competitive edge
  • Reduction in overhead costs
  • A new paperless mandate management environment

For Consumers

  • Hassle-free and time-efficient method of managing payments
  • Reliance on familiar banking procedures
  • Reduced risk of fraud

Product Suites

Automated Clearing House Solution (ACH)

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