Immerse yourself in a nurturing culture that sets you on the right path to success.

ProgressSoft’s International Internship Program is renowned for offering a great professional and personal journey that values interns’ talents and contributions at all levels.

The distinguished program has been attracting students from all over the world and providing them with practical trainings and hands-on exercises that bring true to life work experiences.


The duration of ProgressSoft’s International Internship Program is between 4 to 8 weeks during the months of June, July and August.

Interns can choose to pursue their internship program in one or two of the following departments:

Software Development

Involvement in specifying, designing, programming, documenting and testing applications, frameworks, or software components.

Quality Control

Practical knowledge of establishing company-wide standards for quality control procedures and discipline.

Implementation and Support

Comprehensive learning of on-site and remote technical liaison and software deployment, set up and support procedures on customer production sites.

Business Development

Insightful experience in identifying market opportunities and leveraging market insights to create new solution needs and build fruitful partnerships.


Thorough learning of tactics and techniques in creating marketing campaigns that achieve successful global product and corporate communications.

User Experience

An in-depth learning of optimizing the interaction between users and products to ensure that products meet the market needs and requirements.

Project Management

Practical training in running implementation projects on customer sites and assuring the delivery of certified products according to PMI Project Management Standards.

Human Capital

Practical knowledge in the processes and procedures related to managing employees and complying with local regulatory requirements and global standards.


Practical tasks in Software Release Automation Tools that can build, test and release software in a faster and more reliable approach.


Practical skills in maintaining security policies, increasing the security posture of solutions and infrastructure, and spreading cyber security awareness internally within the company.

Data Science

Hands-on training and practical tasks in machine learning, image processing and computer vision including data processing, training models and exploring algorithms and techniques.


Interns eligible to apply for the internship program must:

  • Be high school students, undergraduates or fresh graduates
  • Be proficient in verbal and written English
  • Boast an above average academic performance


Eligible, eager and enthusiastic? Apply to the internship program through [email protected].

Your application must include:

  • CV
  • Scanned university application (if applicable)
  • Preferred duration (4 or 8 weeks)
  • Preferred start date
  • Chosen department(s)

Interns are recommended to apply ahead of June for a chance to be considered for the internship program.


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