Message Depot


ProgressSoft’s Message Depot is a state-of-the-art, centralized solution designed for the secure storage of over a billion financial and non-financial messages for decades. Providing near-real-time storage in a well-organized repository, it ensures effortless retrieval and querying capabilities.

This innovative solution not only assists businesses in navigating compliance but also facilitates adherence to regulatory requirements by allowing the long-term storage of messages and data. Furthermore, it empowers institutions to easily locate specific data, conduct precise audits and generate valuable reports, providing resolutions to challenges encountered by financial institutions and businesses.



Seamless Data Extraction

PS-MDepot seamlessly extracts data from multiple systems, utilizing a streamlined set of processes for efficient data extraction from a wide range of databases and sources in near-real-time. Additionally, it offers out-of-the-box support for ISO 20022 and MT message standards, while also accommodating various data formats.

Seamless Data Extraction
Intuitive Search Experience

Intuitive Search Experience

PS-MDepot delivers an intuitive, user-friendly and efficient search experience, featuring various search criteria, auto-completion and faceted navigation for precise and refined results. Leveraging its full-text search capability, users can effortlessly export results and effectively manage and save filters, eliminating the need for manual filter application each time and enhancing overall productivity. Moreover, PS-MDepot allows queries to be performed in the original language of the message and accommodates data storage in various languages, including English, French and Arabic, ensuring a seamless experience for multilingual users.

Value-Added Reports

PS-MDepot empowers users to effortlessly create and manage custom reports. The system is capable of generating large reports with hundreds of thousands of records within a few minutes. Whether on-demand or scheduled for periodic generation, users can generate these reports easily. The system further enhances convenience by automatically sending scheduled reports to a pre-configured email distribution list and placing them in folders accessible to external systems. Available in PDF, CSV, or Excel formats, these reports cater to diverse user needs, ensuring efficiency and prompt access to valuable insights.

Value-Added Reports

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Seamless Integrations

PS-MDepot operates seamlessly with various systems and platforms through its robust search Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), serving as a communication bridge. These APIs enable external systems to interact with PS-MDepot in real-time, performing queries and retrieving necessary data with precision and speed.

Comprehensive Dashboarding

PS-MDepot dashboards provide a wide range of widgets, including regional maps, tables, diverse chart types, tag clouds, time-series and heat maps. These dynamic widgets not only facilitate visualizing data over specified periods but also offer flexibility through interactive filtering for targeted information retrieval.

Versatile Viewing Options

PS-MDepot provides users with versatile options for accessing message information, including the original message view, a structured view with collapsible sections and a modeled message view. Additionally, the solution enhances convenience by highlighting matching content in search results.

Accessible Insights

PS-MDepot operates as an online solution accessible through a web application ensuring efficient retrieval and reporting of historical messages. This enables the process to be completed in mere seconds.

Robust Security

PS-MDepot guarantees the protection of data in a secure and tamper-proof environment, preserving its integrity and reliability by preventing any modifications to the stored data.