Real-Time Gross Settlement System


ProgressSoft’s Real-Time Gross Settlement system empowers central banks and monetary agencies with the means to control large-value payment transactions in a safe, reliable and irrevocable environment.

The solution utilizes cutting-edge technology that is compliant with international standards and liquidity risk management with its main role being the settlement of interbank payment transactions.



Modular Design

PS-RTGS is designed as a modular system to meet varying requirements in a highly automated and configurable manner. The system is functionally partitioned into scalable modules that facilitate the incorporation of change.

Modular Design
Compliance with International Standards

Compliance with International Standards

PS-RTGS offers central banks a solution that complies with international standards that establish a set of principles for the safe and efficient operation of payment systems and financial market infrastructures issued by the BIS.

Full Financial Transactions Support

PS-RTGS supports all standard financial transactions including urgent and high-value credit payment transactions between participants, the settlement of Net Clearing Positions (NCPs), Opening and Closing Legs of Repurchase Orders (REPOs) and Delivery vs. Payment (DvP) transactions.

Full Financial Transactions Support

More features

Interoperable Structure

PS-RTGS fully interoperable with Automated Clearing House solutions and can be readily interfaced with other systems for retail payments.

Liquidity Management

PS-RTGS provides a set of liquidity management facilities that allow central banks to provide liquidity to participants and enables participants to efficiently monitor and manage their liquidity.

Multilingual and Multicurrency

PS-RTGS is a multilingual, multi-currency solution that meets the needs of the central bank and participant banks with respect to auditing, monitoring and reporting.

Account Management

PS-RTGS incorporates an accounting system that allows participant banks to hold their balances and reserves. The system allows for the management of participants’ settlement and collateral accounts.

Securities Settlement

PS-RTGS offers a facility to carry out securities transactions such as the purchasing of bonds, equities and money market instruments.


PS-RTGS enables the central bank to fine-tune the operations of the system to match the rules and regulations imposed by it on all participants in the network.

Seamless Deployment

PS-RTGS can be hosted at the central Bank where banks can seamlessly connect to the central system without having to install anything on their premises. If the regulation allows, banks and central banks can connect to PS-RTGS on the cloud.