Company Sponsored Dissertation

I had a remarkable CSD program experience. The team was professional and helpful every step of the way. I was offered the needed support, advice and even resources to successfully complete my thesis, and I ended up with an excellent GPA!

Yousef Arabyat

Master’s Degree in Computer Science | The University of Jordan Thesis: Multi-step Forecasting for Time-Series Data Using Machine Learning; Stock Prices Case Study Graduated with high distinction.

ProgressSoft’s Company Sponsored Dissertation (CSD) program complements postgraduate studies’ academic achievements with an element of work experience that offers help and guidance in completing dissertation projects.

The CSD program provides an opportunity to engage with our experts in financial technologies; from applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning to data analytics and blockchain use cases in the payments and financial services landscape.


The CSD program provides students with the needed resources to produce fruitful project outputs including a substantial research report and presentation to peers. This is achieved through enabling the student to:

  • Engage with a highly knowledgeable team of experts
  • Access all necessary data or tools for data collection
  • Have their work reviewed by an industry expert
  • Conduct additional presentation training

Students are also provided with a generous monthly allowance to stimulate greater output and motivation throughout the CSD program.


Each year, the CSD program presents several tracks for research topics. These tracks provide a general topic idea or specific questions pertaining to the financial services domain. To provide students with added flexibility, the topic can be narrowed down to accommodate for academic requirements.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Financial services continuously evolve with the emergence of new technologies. At ProgressSoft, we like to ensure that our payment systems are in front of these technological developments.

We are confident that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will be transformational to our business, and many of our payment systems will be improved because of them. However, some of the applications of these technologies are not clear yet, and we would like you to evaluate the possibilities.

Project Outcome

The ideal outcome of this project collaboration is to find the best AI and ML application opportunities within our payment systems, potential gains in efficiency and other important factors for financial process automation and personalization. Therefore, we would like you to:

  • Analyze AI and ML literature, trends and case examples on how these technologies are being used for the financial industry
  • Analyze ProgressSoft’s payment systems to map out possible AI and ML use cases with their associated costs, risks, time, returns and competitive advantage
  • Select top AI use cases at ProgressSoft and highlight its expected benefits and factors for consideration
  • Select top ML use cases at ProgressSoft and highlight its expected benefits and factors for consideration

New information will always be discovered throughout the course of your CSD program. Accordingly, the project scope and objectives will be handled as iterative processes that will continuously be revisited by yourself, internal supervisor, and university advisor for a fruitful dissertation project outcome.


While working on this project, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Work on this project remotely, or at ProgressSoft’s headquarters if applicable
  • Work with an internal supervisor with over 16 years of experience in the fields of digital image processing, computer vision, machine learning and algorithm design
  • Set start date and delivery deadline in accordance with your internal supervisor and university advisor
  • Set suitable working hours with your internal supervisor

You will also be asked to sign the following agreements before the commencement of the CSD program:

  1. Non-disclosure agreement
  2. Memorandum of understanding
  3. Intellectual property rights


If you are a motivated master thesis student holding a passion for software development methodologies, an interest in the financial services industry, and a predicted 3.8 and above Grade Point Average (GPA) or equivalent, then this track is for you.

Academic performance is only one of many factors we consider in our CSD program selection criteria. Your interests, strengths in particular areas, and motivation are equally important.