Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Utilizing decades of extensive experience and business understanding, ProgressSoft offers its consulting services to ensure organizations are operating efficiently, effectively, in line with international standards and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Whether your organization is a bank, central bank, payment service provider, or any institution in the public or private sector, ProgressSoft’s international consultants are ideally placed to determine if a small scale or national scale project needs a simple tune-up or major overhaul to avoid time delays, lost productivity, missed expectations, or little to no return on investment.

Information Systems Strategy
Full management of business information needs including investment in, deployment, use and management of information systems, in addition to the development and examination of strategic issues, understanding and decision-making.

Information Management and Security
Collection, monitoring and analysis of the organizational information cycle to optimize data availability and confidentiality while provisioning information integrity assurance, custodianship and ideal distribution.

Business and Technical Framework
Assessment and design of a holistic technical and organizational framework to support strategic requirements and eliminate inefficient tasks through implementing new business disciplines, performance measurements, repositories of intellectual assets and more.

Business and Technical Requirements
Definition of the business and technical items required to successfully implement a new solution including IT architectural requirements and standards, migration plans, and business processes, procedures and responsibilities.

Project Management and Structure
Application of the processes, knowledge and skills required to achieve specific project objectives through identifying internal and external organizational relationships, functions, matrices, lines of authority and control.

Business Process Improvement and Reengineering
Analysis and design of workflows and business processes within an organization to improve existing processes, optimize internal performance and meet best practice standards in a cost-efficient, time-effective and strategic approach.

Other Professional Services:

Enterprise Software Deployment

Designed to take the guesswork out through determining the exact requirements for your organization to install a new system, to upgrade from a previous version.

Software Integration

Compatibility between systems is one of the most important issues for almost any organization. Today, seamless integration is no more an added-value. It is a must.

Training Programs

The key to long-term success in a new software solution environment is knowledge. Your IT staff must be able to perform routine maintenance and troubleshoot problems.