5 Things You Need to Know About ProgressSoft Internships

An entire blog post on ProgressSoft internships? Well, if you already took part in our internship program then you know that we take it very seriously, and by seriously we mean to heart, not as in too serious or boring, but let’s jump to the fun parts later!

Here’s 5 things you need to know about our internship program before you apply:

You are one of us

You read that right, the moment you join the internship program you are considered as one of our own family members, we don’t draw any distinction between you or a colleague who has been with the company for decades, while this is great, you should know that we will expect you to provide your best outputs accordingly and professionally.

Your input is turned into action points

Forget theoretical training, we’re all about hands-on work! Whichever department you may choose to intern at, you will be assigned with practical tasks, these tasks will be reviewed by your peers who will turn your valuable inputs into action points, meaning your ideas could contribute in transforming entire departmental and business processes!

You will never get bored

It’s no exaggeration when we say never, have you seen our premises? We have a gym for when you want to blow off some steam, an entertainment room with a PS4 and foosball tables and a rooftop garden for chilling and soaking some Vitamin D!

You will gain friends for life

Throughout your internship you will get to meet and chat with numerous industry experts, soon enough you’ll notice that these experts are turning into new friends that will support you professionally and personally. In the summer program, you’ll be sure to mingle with many interns like yourself too!

You will want to add it to your CV

Our mission is to set you on the right path to achieve your career goals, so the tasks you accomplish and recommendations you will attain are ones that you are going to want to show your future employer (that’s if you decide not to launch your career journey with us!)

Have we grabbed your attention? Jump to our internships page and apply now!

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