In this day and age, creating a healthy work environment is essential for happy, successful and productive teams. At ProgressSoft, we are committed to facilitating this environment through accessible and secure facilities that make sure every member of our team is not held back by any physical obstacles, harboring all talents, and enabling access to qualified individuals with a broad range of abilities.

Accordingly, our headquarters were designed to offer open doors – literally and figuratively – to all members of our family. Here are the modifications we developed years back to create an inclusive workspace:

Access Ramp
A handicap access ramp is installed at the entrance of our building to accommodate wheelchairs or people who find difficulty using the stairs.

Our underground parking area includes designated handicap-friendly parking spaces that offer more room for maneuver and are strategically positioned close to the entrance for secure and convenient parking.

Automatic Door Activation Switches
Our doors to enter the building and office are equipped with automatic door buttons and fingerprint sensor switches, providing barrier-free entry.

One of our main cafeterias is located on the lower ground floor to accommodate all needs. It’s fully equipped with amenities that are reachable on a low platform level and are fully accessible from the elevators.

Our lavatories are modified to increase accessibility for all our employees. The modifications include the provisioning of a spacious area and versa frames, with all amenities are in reach.

Emergency Pull Cord Stations
Emergency pull cords are available in both the cafeteria and in lavatories. In an emergency, when pulled, the station signals an alarm to the Human Capital department to provide immediate assistance.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
As the well-being of our family members is a matter of necessity, two AEDs are available onsite on the ground floor and in the gym for emergencies.

Creating an inclusive and accessible work environment, however, goes beyond what is behind the walls of premises. With that in mind, ProgressSoft extends additional support through several initiatives including initiating the first job fair in Jordan held exclusively for talents with a broad range of abilities which helped secure fulfilling jobs not only at ProgressSoft, but at various institutions in the country. ProgressSoft is also an active and continuous sponsor of a multiple award-winning candidate at the Paralympics, this candidate, is to this day a valuable member of our family that trains at our premises, and excels at his work.

To conclude, institutions that empower a broad range of abilities on different scopes will prosper with high employee morale, productivity and profitable returns.

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