Adding Sweetness to Corporate Life: The Busy Bees Nursery

Another year, another beautiful graduation ceremony celebrating our little ‘Busy Bees’ who are now free to explore and grow in a bigger field.

Such occasions remind us all to look back and think about the perks of having an on-site corporate nursery. This is, also, the time when mothers, seeing how much their little children have benefited from this experience, take pride in the decision they made to continue working and advance in their professions, while being at ease that their children are being well taken care of, only a few feet away.

Creating The Busy Bees Nursery

Let’s start with the main purpose of starting The Busy Bees Nursery at the heart of ProgressSoft’s headquarters in 2015, the working mother; and making her decision to continue working a little bit easier.

The relationship between motherhood and work is one of the trickiest balancing acts for women, and accordingly, building a supportive workplace environment that offers high-quality childcare at no extra cost, not only encourages her to stay at work after the birth of her child, but gives her peace of mind and more reason to be confident and productive at work.

The idea, however, was not to provide average on-site childcare for mothers and their children but go one step ahead to provide safe caregiving and an academic head start.

Academic Head Start

Caregivers at The Busy Bees Nursery are continuously being trained on the latest teaching and child caregiving techniques that are in line with international standards. As such, they are able to perfectly implement the nursery’s curriculum which was carefully developed by an education professional.

The curriculum covers the child’s whole development with state-of-the-art materials and equipment that help foster the physical and mental development of children according to the educational goals set.

Safe Caregiving

Every detail at The Busy Bees Nursery was carefully planned to ensure the children’s health and safety. Flooring and walls are insulated to absorb bumps or crashes, and a “no shoes” policy is imposed for all children and adults attending the nursery, with shoe covers for guests before entering the premises.

In addition, all play equipment used by the children is sanitized daily, a practice which was adopted at the nursery long before it was mandated by health ministry officials in the COVID-19 era. The nursery’s special “wet area” is not only equipped with a sink for washing before diaper change, but a washing machine and dryer to keep all children’s linens clean and sterile regularly.

The Gist

The caregivers and mothers share the responsibilities for raising these children, but above all, they share a love for caring for these children – making The Busy Bees Nursery a success story in the history of ProgressSoft.

I can confidently say that the children, mothers and caregivers have all benefited from this experience, and if you ask any colleague at ProgressSoft, they will tell you that the ‘Busy Bees’ are what add sweetness to corporate life.

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