Induction Program: Turning Graduates into Affiliates

At ProgressSoft, we constantly seek to expand our Software Development teams and yield continuously enhanced performance and outputs by enrolling top-ranked and high-caliber computer engineers and programmers from around the world.

Accordingly, we launched our Induction Programs in 2016 to onboard fresh candidates who convey competent programming logic and technical skills. The program provides thorough training in programming and other related topics such as process frameworks, technologies and tools utilized by our teams, as well as organization standards and policies, all of which result in the candidates obtaining proficient programming skills and making valuable contributions to their teams from day one.

As a start, the main target of the Induction Programs is to avail a safe learning environment to practice and apply technical skills on real-life tasks/projects. It is not only about learning new development and technical skills that help in producing quality outputs, but about executing work the right way, gaining positive work ethics, and understanding our core company values including:

  • Respecting all co-workers
  • Cooperation
  • Team spirit
  • Team responsibility
  • Knowledge sharing and helping others
  • Agility
  • Peering and peer programming
  • Respecting deadlines

Each Induction Program has a clear scope, enrollment standards and evaluation criteria that are announced at the beginning of the program. During the execution of each program, we ensure to provide continuous feedback on each assigned task or project, so every candidate can stay aware of their learning progress and be motivated to turn weaknesses into strengths in any aspect of the assignment. This approach has successfully helped candidates with staying on the right track to achieving the desired objectives.

Ultimately, after running numerous iterations and repeats of the Induction Program, we have proved the effectiveness of our Induction Program in many areas including:

Skilled and Well-Oriented Assets

By graduating qualified candidates, we have obtained well-oriented colleagues that are fully familiar with our work environment and business objectives. This has helped new candidates begin work confidently and without fearing an uncomfortable environment, which has left minimal time to take-on actual tasks and begin working with their team to produce quality outputs.

Social Responsibility

Our numerous iterations of Induction Programs have resulted in us building strong relationships with top-rated universities around the world and being recognized for our vital role in availing students with early exposure to real-life practical tasks by opening the door for them to reserve their seat at ProgressSoft and beginning with the Induction Program before completing their university credit hours.

Today, we are proud to have run more than 12 Induction Programs in the past 6 years, with an average of 2 iterations per year. For each iteration, we had an average of 12 candidates entering and successfully completing the program. Many of these candidates are today seniors, team leads and product owners running major product development projects and leading vital product lines in the company.

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