Webinar Session: Introduction to Blockchain

ProgressSoft’s Chief Solution Architect, Mahmoud Zamel, participated as a session speaker in The Oman Arab Bank Learning Hub, a first of its kind interactive digital learning hub in Oman, to introduce startups to blockchain opportunities, concepts, platforms and use cases. What follows is a list of the main topics discussed:

  1. Immutable Databases
  2. What is Blockchain?
  3. What is DLT?
  4. Permissioned Concept
  5. Consensus Protocols
  6. The IOTA Approach
  7. Open Source Platforms
  8. Potential Use Cases
  9. Tools to Consider

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About the Speaker

Mahmoud Zamel
Mahmoud Zamel
Chief Solution Architect

Equipped with over 30 years of experience in information communication and technologies, over 25 of which were in the banking sector, Mahmoud Zamel has built up his vast experience in blueprinting the architectures and designs for different automation systems within the sector in addition to building business cases and regulatory frameworks for payments, clearing, and settlement solutions. Today, he is the Chief Solution Architect at ProgressSoft and a key consultant for many of its solutions

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