Why Social is Crucial in the Workplace

Because we spend most of our time at work, having a favorable atmosphere we look forward to spending so much time in every day, as well as creating healthy and positive relationships with our coworkers are essential factors to maintaining our personal well-being.

But how do companies create a loving culture and inspiring atmosphere where coworkers feel embraced, pleased and comfortable?

It all starts with the formation of what is now recognized as Social Committees also known as the amusing personnel in your company that make ‘work’ seem like ‘Woohoo! -rk’. These committees specialize in harmonizing work elements with fun components to ultimately create a happy and healthy environment – and they are inevitably integral to the success of companies of all sizes.

From aiding the creation of new friendships to simply promoting a good time, let’s have a look at the benefits of building a Social Committee at work:

1. Engagement = efficiency

Providing employees with the opportunity to participate in social activities or even voluntary work motivates and encourages them to increase their level of engagement at work. If you increase the frequency of engagements at your company and take a close look at productivity levels, you can clearly identify how engagement = efficiency.

2. From distress to de-stress

Involving employees in social events and creating versatile activities that almost anyone can participate in breaks the work routine, especially in high intensity periods – so while many companies think that there is no time for leisure activities when under pressure – the opposite is exactly true. In high stress periods, set up more activities to move your employees from distress to de-stress.

3. Community breeds loyalty

Did you know that some of the top reasons employees choose to quit their job are uncomfortable working environments, negative surroundings and inability to socialize with coworkers? Accordingly, highly engaged employees mean less staff turnover. So, by creating a healthy community, you breed employee loyalty.

4. Breaking the ice

Social activities bring together employees from different departments, fields and hierarchies to put their professional interactions aside and break the ice. This is extremely helpful in creating a comfortable and less intimidating workplace where you can build personal relationships and simply embrace all members of the company, not just your team.

5. Tick all the boxes

Funnily enough, not only your employees will be satisfied with your company activities, but your clients too! Happy employees reflect a healthy corporate culture that is easily approachable by potential clients. They will be intrigued and pleased to communicate and coordinate with a company that takes care of its environment – another tick on the box for your next sale.

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