Careers at ProgressSoft

ProgressSoft runs under the most modern institutional scientific laws of quality and continuity in an atmosphere filled with energy, creativity and support. With almost three decades of experience and an accelerated rate of growth, the future of ProgressSoft is bright and promising; giving you the perfect opportunity to be entitled to benefits and privileges only offered by high quality and standard firms.

A chance to join our family means a chance for enrichment of life in every aspect, from living atmosphere to living standards; an impact that you will feel in your own life and after which, you bear the responsibility to enhance the lives of others.

ProgressSoft currently has the following vacancies:

Careers at ProgressSoft

Ends and Means are always complicated. Well not to us; we have a clear vision of where we are going and how to get there. In the words of our CEO, the following is what we have to say about our success ingredients:

"A company owned by the staff is the key to our success. We attract, motivate, empower and retain exceptionally knowledgeable, talented, committed and engaged associates. Our associates have a strong work ethic and results-orientation. They believe in and support our core values. We offer our associates challenges, opportunities, advancement, competitive compensation, benefits, personal training and development. We want each associate to feel like an integral part of the company, and accordingly we offer those who are committed and excel in their performance a future share in the company." Michael Wakileh, CEO and Co-founder of ProgressSoft.

Working at ProgressSoft has its own rewards. Being part of a team comprising great minds and leaders in innovation, who have a great impact on their surroundings and who implement changes that affect society in a positive manner, certainly has its own rewards.

Accelerated Growth

Our team is continuously expanding to feed the 'hungry for software' in healthy growing economies. This means that your career path shall also be upgraded continuously to accommodate this expansion. Probably, there will be no wait for a vacancy to achieve higher status in the company.

ProgressSoft employees' career path has been arranged and enhanced by professionals. Upon joining us, you will be able to foresee your growth plan, but even better, you can accelerate it.

Financial Compensation

Salaries are offered reflecting your experience and knowledge in any field you join. We regularly conduct a salary survey within each region to ensure that our salaries are well above the average offered by others, if not the highest. Besides the regular monthly salary, we offer varying bonuses at different times rewarding your achievements and excellence.

Training and Development

We recruit top caliber and our policy is to keep them that way. Exposure to projects as well as the working experience with us will enhance your knowledge and expertise. Add to that, advanced training courses and exams, paid in full and endorsed by the company. You are also provided with designated times for reading, research and attending seminars and events, all which shall encourage you to expand your qualifications and stay ahead of evolving technologies.

Health Insurance and Social Security Benefits

We work with the best companies in the region to provide dental care, health, life and disability insurance, with installments that are subsidized up to 100%.

Give More, Gain More

Our company was founded on the belief that those who contribute to the company's success should get a share and benefit from that success. Today, a new generation of ProgressSoft employee owners continues that belief. Our commitment to employee ownership helps us attract and retain sought-after professionals with in-demand expertise.

Simply by being a distinctive and loyal member at ProgressSoft, your gains will include higher income, bonuses, extra vacations, flexible working hours, shares, insurance, personal loans, employee discounts and many more.


As we work in over 24 countries worldwide, you might be assigned an interesting travel program to various destinations. We cover all your expenses as you travel, for as long as you need to finish your meetings and daily working hours of the event you're attending. We encourage that you also make use of your time there by learning beyond the meeting place, and hence returning to us with higher spirit and enthusiasm.

Office Accessibility

If you don't have a car or even a driving license, that would not be a problem; we made sure our offices are located in the city and on the main transportation routes, only to make your trip to and from work as comfy and as fast as possible.

ProgressSoft is committed to the highest ethical standards and to conducting its business with the highest levels of integrity. We personally believe this commitment to be at the core of our values that distinguish us among our peers.

An uncompromising adherence to ethical excellence is integral to creating and sustaining a distinguished culture at ProgressSoft. It provides the necessary strong foundation on which world class service is built and on which it can grow and prosper.

Leaders in ProgressSoft have the extra responsibility of setting an example by their personal performance and an attitude that conveys our ethical values. This example leads us to treat everyone - associates, clients, prospects, vendors and competitors - with honesty and respect.

ProgressSoft and each of its associates, wherever they may be located, must conduct their affairs with uncompromising honesty and integrity. Business ethics are no different than personal ethics; the same high standard applies to both.

In ProgressSoft each person is accorded equal opportunity, regardless of age, gender, religion, national origin, marital status or disability. Our actions are free from discrimination, libel and slander.

We expect and highly encourage our associates to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever possible. We expect them to seek, accept and offer honest criticism, to acknowledge and correct errors, and to credit properly the contributions of others.

ProgressSoft's history goes back to the late eighties as the first software company in Jordan with a vision and focus on playing a role in a niche market in terms of technology and clients. From the first day, we have devoted ourselves to excel in serving the banking and financial industries with unique solutions that gratify their ever growing needs; a path a few had dwelled in during that page of time.

ProgressSoft has been growing exponentially since that time, doubling its staff almost every year and offering a focused array of solutions to our ever expanding base of satisfied clients. This was not the only success factor in our journey; along the way we had devoted and passionate people who believed in, worked for and made our success a reality.

ProgressSoft had many firsts during its lifetime; we know for a fact that we still have a lot to offer. Back in the early nineties, when personal computers had just begun their momentum, we were the first to introduce an Arabic/Latin Terminal Emulator for PCs to replace dummy terminals connected to Unix based mainframes. Today, the number of licenses sold has far exceeded fifty thousand copies. Immediately after that, we introduced the first GUI based signature verification system, exploiting the graphical capabilities of PCs.

Our firsts continued to pop in the market, finding enthusiasts of innovative solutions in the banking and financial sectors. ProgressSoft managed to position itself globally on top of the banking software providers. After several years of research, dedication and hard work the electronic check clearing myth became a reality with PS-ECC, the World's First Electronic Image-based Check Clearing Solution. This pioneering solution was introduced to the global market through biggest financial expos and summits in Germany, USA, Denmark and elsewhere. Morphing the physical check clearing process, that has been there since the introduction of the check concept - that's over 60 years, to a fully electronic straight-through process.

Today, with numerous past and current successes notched on its belt, ProgressSoft is assuming an active role in shaping the future of a technology-driven era of electronic financial services.

There are many things you can do at ProgressSoft. Whether you like working interactively with clients and partners, or you'd rather dedicate yourself to hardcore research and tinker in our labs, we welcome you on board. The following are some of the departments that might be of an interest to you:

Research and Development

Are your dreams in binary code and 32-bit color? Do you know the difference between pointer and char *? Have you joined community-based development projects on Linux and else? Has your graduation project been based on imaging technology? Our largest department is always in demand for highly talented technology and software gurus. We encourage you to join our team of professionals as we guarantee it will be an extraordinary experience for all of us.

Product and Project Management

We are loaded with ideas about what ProgressSoft could do to improve our clients' lives. Between ideas and working software and services, there's a process of collecting and analyzing requirements, maintaining schedules, prioritizing deliverables and making sure people actually get things done. If you feel challenged, rather than intimidated, by the ever-persistent conflict of resources and requirements, this one is for you.


In the marketing team, you'll be part of a group who grows and extends our brand and set of products across all the regions that ProgressSoft operates in. Your travel schedule might be interesting as we participate in regional and international events and exhibitions. Sometimes we work independently and some other times in teams. You'll have the opportunity to work with many innovative and fun projects and channels.

Customer Support

While most of our products are designed to be simple and easy to use, there are some users who need guidance. In any case, be prepared for long sessions of back-and-forth with customers, and rest assured they'll be thankful when you help them figure out what they need to know.

There is no better time to be with us on board, whether you are an outgoing sales oriented person capable of handling and closing small to nation-wide projects or an indoor type of person who excels in administering all office workloads. Check out our vacancy section and let us know that you are there.

Enhance Your CV to Attract Attention

  • Keep it specific, short and factual. Not more than two pages long.
  • Include personal info, education, past experiences and skills, but keep it organized.
  • Spelling mistakes are a big no-no. Proofread your CV, and then proofread it again; this only shows a level of commitment.
  • Highlight important aspects in your experience that would relate to the position you are applying for, but don't cram your CV with unnecessary information.

Interview Tips

  • Research the company and the job position advertised.
  • Prepare your questions for the interview.
  • Dress up, but come as you are, don't try to portray the image of someone else.
  • Don't be late, or call before the interview time for postponement.
  • Relax, take deep breaths, you are not being interrogated; it is just an interview to discuss a possible mutual benefit.