A Delegation of Software Engineering Professors around the World Visits ProgressSoft Premises

Amman, February 8, 2017

ProgressSoft Corporation, in cooperation with the University of Jordan, arranged for a visit of Software Engineering specialists, Doctors and Professors from different universities in various countries around the world as part of their visit to the University of Jordan as part of a program on "Advanced Software Engineering Methods & Tools", where the multi-national experts share their knowledge and help each other advance and grow in their field during their annual meeting.

The visit to ProgressSoft was for the purpose of proudly showcasing how advanced and successful the ICT sector is in Jordan, and how the human capital of a small country like Jordan can be a game-changer in the entire region around it.

The delegation that came from the UK, Denmark, China, Russia, Finland, Germany, and Ghana, were more than impressed with the capabilities and advanced methodologies and technologies that ProgressSoft deploys in its business model and software development lifecycle. Moreover, they were significantly impressed by ProgressSoft methodologies that solve the infamous problems of theory versus real-time application of software solutions, closing the gap between theoretical academic methods and real life scenarios.

This visit comes as a part of a larger scale of collaboration between ProgressSoft and the University of Jordan, where the company is committed to offer continuous support to its local talents, making sure they have the right place and opportunity to employ their skills.