Al-Amal Financial Investments Deploys ProgressSoft’s Intelligent Signature Recognition Solution

Amman, November 8, 2023
Al-Amal Financial Investments Deploys ProgressSoft’s Intelligent Signature Recognition Solution

ProgressSoft and Al-Amal Financial Investments partner to deploy ProgressSoft’s Intelligent Signature Recognition solution, marking a milestone achievement within the brokerage industry of Jordan.

The Intelligent Signature Recognition solution cleverly analyzes and compares signatures extracted from official documents with utter precision, identifying changes in signatures and easily detecting fraud. Additionally, it employs machine learning technology to adapt to new signing habits and seamlessly integrates with other systems.

The Chairman of Al-Amal Financial Investments, His Excellency, Mr. Omar Malhas, noted, “We are immensely delighted with the deployment of ProgressSoft’s innovative solution in our company. It has comprehensively streamlined and automated our invoicing processes, completely transforming how we manage signatures.”

This transformative implementation has created an efficient workflow at Al-Amal Financial Investments through seamless integration with the existing ITEC document management system, DocuWare. Thus, enabling quick and reliable signature verification and contributing to increased operational efficiency. Moreover, the solution bolsters security measures by ensuring that recorded signatures align accurately with those on the invoices.

The Chief Executive Officer of ProgressSoft, Michael Wakileh, expressed, “Our partnership with Al-Amal Financial Investments marks the beginning of a new era that paves the way for financial innovation to transcend into the brokerage realm and beyond, and we are honored to have our solution at the heart of the progress we envision for the entirety of the financial sector.”

ProgressSoft and Al-Amal Financial Investments eagerly anticipate a flourishing partnership, exemplifying their shared commitment to upholding the highest standards of excellence and yielding pioneering advancements to the industry.