CAB Signs for ProgressSoft's Document Management Solution

Amman, January 30, 2007

ProgressSoft, the leading provider of image-based solutions, embarks on yet another successful business endeavor with a prominent member of the local financial community with the signing of an agreement for electronic document management with Cairo-Amman Bank (CAB), one of the leading banks in Jordan.

Claiming CAB's preference against the regional and international competition, ProgressSoft's offerings will be deployed across all of CAB branches in Jordan and Palestine, comprising PS-EDMS, the Enterprise Document Management Solution and PS-Daily Jacket, the bank Daily-Jacket Archiving Solution.

The project will convert all existing, and continuously generated, paper-based documents in the bank to an electronic form whereby instant access and sharing of documents across CAB branches can occur, in addition to reducing the need for storage space and expenses. By deploying PS-EDMS, the bank will carry on advanced document imaging, indexing, storage, retrieval and viewing practices that result in a superior level of document management. PS-EDMS is flexibly customizable as per specific bank needs, and is considered an easy to use, yet highly secure system.

Similarly, PS-Daily Jacket will provide its own set of impeccable features to archive the daily-generated documents in the bank which are referred to as the Daily Jacket documents.

"Our primary driver behind adopting PS-EDMS was CAB's need to cut down the storage costs of our huge paper volume while ensuring easier retrieval of needed documents. Electronifying the bank's documents will add more efficiency in our overall work, which would result in less time and effort consumption in processing, storing and locating documents," affirmed Ms. Maghi Makhamreh, Project Manager, CAB.

CAB will establish an Archiving Center as Ms. Makhamreh explained, where the process of document storing and retrieval will be centralized, and only those responsible for the Archiving Center will have access to the system and the documents. This Center will handle PS-EDMS once it is fully implemented.

"Along with our cutting-edge solutions, ProgressSoft will offer CAB consultancy and professional services to study and analyze different types of documents used in the bank. These services will take place to facilitate step-by-step automation of the huge number of documents, and to ensure that our system is running properly and CAB is ultimately gaining the best performance and promised benefits," concluded Ms. Hala Abu Hantash, Project Manager, ProgressSoft.

[About Cairo-Amman Bank]
CAB was established on January 14, 1960 as a Jordanian public shareholding company and began its banking services on July 1, 1960. CAB's first branch was launched in Palestine in 1986. The bank is currently ranked 6th in Jordan and 2nd in Palestine with regard to amount of assets. It is also ranked 3rd in Palestine with regard to the number of branches it has. CAB's branches are equally distributed across the Kingdom and connected through a network that allows clients to complete their financial operations from any of CAB's 65 branches and offices in Jordan and Palestine.

[About ProgressSoft]
Incepted in 1989, ProgressSoft has been leveraging the latest technologies to deliver a set of sophisticated imaging and real-time payment solutions to the financial industry. ProgressSoft specializes in Electronic Check Clearing, Automatic Signature Verification, Securities Trading Settlement and Document Management. ProgressSoft earned worldwide attention through its achievements in the electronic check clearing field; primarily being an innovator of the world's first Electronic Image-based Check Clearing Solution. ProgressSoft today is assuming an active role in shaping the future of a technology era of electronic financial services.

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