Housing Bank for Trade and Finance Deploys ProgressSoft PS-SIG Web Version

Amman, December 21, 2006

ProgressSoft, the leading innovator of financial imaging solutions, has started running its new web-version of the Signature Verification Solution PS-SIG in the Housing Bank of Trade and Finance (HBTF).

Pioneered with a prime objective of providing improved services that fulfill customer satisfaction, PS-SIG expedites the signature authentication process through prompt availability of signature images needed for verification. Signatures along with all associated information can be easily retrieved by bank officers simultaneously, enabling instant inter-branch sharing of signature information.

Since 1993, The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance (HBTF) has been deploying ProgressSoft's Signature Verification Solution. A new upgrade has been recently adopted by HBTF, involving a web version of PS-SIG that exploits latest technologies and web services. With a centralized database and installation on the bank's server, the system is made accessible via distributed applications hosted on the server. This enables authorized users to easily log onto the system through any IE web browser.

"HBTF currently stands to enjoy benefits and efficiencies attributed to PS-SIG Web Version. As it exploits web applications, the solution is easy to use and requires minimum maintenance which considerably reduces support load for the system," explained Mr. Suliman Barqawi, PS-SIG Project Manager, ProgressSoft. "This upgrade reflects ProgressSoft's commitment to avail the latest in banking technology and render a superior level of services to its clients," he concluded.

Further enriching the bank's signature verification and recognition processes, PS-SIG Web Version seamlessly integrates with ProgressSoft's Automatic Signature Verification Solution PS-ASV. Deploying advanced technology and artificial intelligence, PS-ASV replaces the mere visual comparison of signatures with automated means to achieve an intelligent verification process.

The web version also incorporates PS-SIG's comprehensive features. Signature images are subject to a variety of image processing tools to guarantee a high quality image, after which cleaned-up signatures are detected and extracted to be finally compared with automatically retrieved reference signatures. PS-SIG Modules maintain signatures of all Clients, Bank Officers and Corresponding Banks' officers who are privileged to sign on behalf of their banks. Other modules support CD Publishing, Book Printing and CD Importing of bank officers' signatures, allowing smooth, cost-efficient transfer and sharing of signature data.

About HBTF
The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance was established in 1973 as a public shareholding limited company to provide housing finance. After 24 years of operations, the bank started a new era, when it was converted to a comprehensive bank, providing full commercial and investment banking services. The bank's capital was increased several times, and currently amount of JD (252) million the equivalent of USD (355).

About ProgressSoft
As of 1989, ProgressSoft has been leveraging the latest in imaging technology to deliver intelligent solutions to the financial sector, specializing in electronic check clearing, signature verification, securities trading settlement, document management & archiving, and workflow solutions. A renowned provider of the world's first electronic image-based check partnering with giant IT corporations such as Hewlett Packard is shaping the future of a technology-driven era of financial services.

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