KFH Launches ProgressSoft’s Electronic Forms Solution

Kuwait, April 4, 2021
KFH Launches ProgressSoft’s Electronic Forms Solution

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) is delighted to announce the launch of ProgressSoft’s Electronic Forms solution which fully transforms traditional banking forms into electronic, secured and automatically validated forms.

Renowned for being a leader in digitizing banking services, KFH chose ProgressSoft as the preference payment solution provider and technology partner in its digital transformation initiatives which comprised numerous implementations in the past few years that aim to provide massive convenience and innovative digital banking services to customers.

“We at KFH, believe that the future of banking will be invisible, connected, insight-driven and purposeful,” said KFH’s Chief Group Operations Officer, Abdullah Abu Alhous, “For that reason, we focus on providing unique customer experiences that blend human with digital, our digital banking teams are using customer journey maps as a unifying methodology that will help us examine customer experiences across all touchpoints, identify customer pain points, improve existing experiences and design new ones.”

Abu Alhous added that the implementation of ProgressSoft’s Electronic Forms solution, which took place in a fully remote environment during the global pandemic, also comes in line with KFH’s vision to completely eradicate manual errors and risks associated with traditional processes.

He explained that ProgressSoft’s Electronic Forms solution provides KFH’s corporate, SMEs and retail customers with state-of-the-art digital capabilities. “It overcomes manual form procedures with minimal customer interventions which offer a unique and delightful customer journey in line with our vision of leading the international development of Islamic financial services and delivering superior innovation and customer service excellence”, added Abu Alhous.

The solution provides all KFH branches in Kuwait with the ability to use a scanner or barcode gun to scan a wide set of electronic forms including local and international transfers, financing and credit card requests, and more. The forms are then validated, adjusted and posted to core banking and payment systems via smart integration capabilities.

KFH and ProgressSoft continue to work on pioneering projects, including the expansion of the universal ProgressSoft’s CBPR+ Ready Payments Hub Platform to cover all types of payments at KFH group starting in Kuwait, and extending to other countries in the region and beyond, with the next phase commencing in KFH- Bahrain.

ProgressSoft is honored to be the technology partner of KFH and looks forward to rejoicing additional milestones in this collaborative digital transformation journey.