ProgressSoft and Panini, Towards an Enhanced Electronic Check Clearing with the New "Vision X" Check Scanners

Amman, October 5, 2008

Progressoft is a proven leader in proposing real-time payments and imaging innovations that are meticulously developed to actualize exceptional competencies, efficiencies, soaring performance and cost savings for banks and financial institutions.

Always looking for cutting edge solutions to ease the customers' daily job, Progressoft acknowledged the high value of Panini forefront technologies. As a global leader in providing payment technology innovation, Panini has been certified by ProgressSoft to operate together in its market.

The outstanding products offered by Panini, together with the Progressoft's credited competence work to offer to the banks products and cutting edge solutions, giving to their customers the competitive advantage to succeed in the market.

Two leaders for the biggest expertise in Check Processing Management

Panini's check scanners have accompanied Progressoft from the beginning of the revolutionary rise of ProgressSoft's world-first Electronic Image-based Check Clearing Solution enriching its offerings, where convenience and high quality had always been on top of the agenda.

Today, ProgressSoft continues to support Panini's check scanners in all its sound and well-known projects, whether they are on a nation-wide level or simply bank oriented projects.
The Jordanian company announces now the support of Panini's all new "Vision X" series as an extension to its predecessor's series the "My Vision X".

Alongside ProgressSoft's solution, Panini "Vision X" check scanner promises to take the electronic check clearing process into a new dimension of quality and performance.Leveraging Panini's market leadership position in the distributed capture industry, "Vision X" scalable solution perfectly meets all bank environments and applications.

ProgressSoft has already begun working on its 4th country-wide implementation of the Electronic Image-based Check Clearing Solution in the Sultanate of Oman where the new "Vision X" scanner will certainly be on the top of the list of supported scanners.

About Progressoft
Established in 1989, ProgressSoft has been focusing its proficiency in Real-time Payments and Imaging technologies to deliver a set of innovative solutions tailored for the needs of the banking and financial sectors with a diversified client base extending to 140 banks in 22 countries around the globe including the US, Canada, the UK and Germany.ProgressSoft specializes in Real-time e-payment solutions offering Electronic Image-based Check Clearing, Real-time Settlement for Securities Trading, ACH - Direct Debit and Direct Credit solutions and also excels in Imaging Technologies embedded in its Intelligent Signature Recognition and the Financial Document Recognition solutions.

About Panini
Founded in Turin, Italy, Panini has enabled clients to capitalize on shifts in the global payments processing market for more than sixty years. Panini has a rich history of technology innovation, leveraging the company's expertise in research & development. Panini's market leading solutions are based on state-of-the-art engineering resources and ISO-9000 quality certified production. Panini North America, a wholly owned subsidiary, offers check capture solutions that enable customers to fully realize the advantages and efficiencies available with the digital transformation of the paper check. Panini's scalable check capture solutions address the complete range of distributed check processing opportunities including teller capture, back counter capture, corporate capture, cash vault, microfilm replacement and remittance processing. For more information please call +39 011 8176011 or visit