ProgressSoft Celebrates its 25th Anniversary and Launches its Annual Summit

Amman, October 30, 2014

ProgressSoft, the leading provider of real time payments and imaging solutions celebrates 25 years of continuous success and steady growth, serving the financial and payments industries with pioneering solutions; that were always ahead of the industry standards.

ProgressSoft took advantage of this occasion to show gratitude to its clients and partners who stood beside it and shared its success over the years by officially launching "ProgressSoft Annual Summit" which took place at the Kempinski Ishtar Hotel - Dead Sea on the 21st and 22nd of October 2014.

Mr. Michael Wakileh - CEO and Cofounder of ProgressSoft Corporation expressed that "It is indeed a pleasure and pride to witness the great success of the past 25 years: A renowned team of professionals, pioneering products in the payments industry and a diverse network of customers in the 5 continents; these are 350 banks, 3 of them are among the World's top 10 banks while 6 of them are among the top 50 banks.

Our celebration, this year, is not a festival. It is a sincere occasion to seize the moment, look back at this 25-year journey and look ahead at the new heights we must soar. During the past 25 years, we constantly looked at our business model, and were able to transform from a process-driven to a result-driven business. And now, we are developing our tools and systems so we create the ProgressSoft we want to see. In such a way, we will remain true to our customers, to the Payments Industry and we will continue to be the pioneers."

ProgressSoft proudly serves 350 banks around the world with its wide range of payment solutions and has 7 nation-wide implementations of its world renowned electronic image-based check clearing solution, and now is leading the way once again with the advanced technology of mobile payment solutions which will take the payment industry to new paradigms of technological services.

The two-day summit featured keynote speeches about critical and most recent issues related to the banking and payments industries, those speeches were presented by international experts and consultants that ProgressSoft made sure to be present at the summit to benefit each and every delegate attending.

Attendees, coming from 16 different countries, expressed their great satisfaction and enjoyment of the Summit programme and the content of the presentations, in addition to the professional level of organizing the event with all its functions.

Mr. Wakileh further added "I would like to commend and thank our team of professionals for their significant contribution to our excellence; nothing would have been possible without their devotion. Like the accomplishments we have done the past 25 years, we will continue to excel and bring pride to our future generations, to our customers everywhere in the world as well as to the payments industry. And I would like to commend our customers from countries around the globe, who believed in us, who believed that our smart, hard work and innovation is but a genuine passion to become the patriots of payments in and outside the region, and that it is a genuine keen to add value to the payments industry and to the pride of our generations."

The conference sessions also included presentations about ProgressSoft's latest technologies, in addition to success stories and clients testimonials, and it gave the clients the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns, and further elaborate on their needs for ProgressSoft to continue supporting them successfully in the future.

ProgressSoft plans to keep holding this Annual Summit for its clients, and prospect clients making sure that the content of this summit to be of great value for all the attendees keeping with the latest issues and breakthroughs in the financial and payments arena every year.