ProgressSoft Concludes Successful Participation at Sibos 2023

Toronto, September 22, 2023

ProgressSoft is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its participation in Sibos, the world's premier financial services event, this year held in Toronto, Canada.

During Sibos, ProgressSoft hosted two informative and engaging sessions at its booth, drawing the attention and interest of attendees from around the world. The first session focused on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), a topic of growing importance in the financial sector. ProgressSoft's experts provided valuable insights into the potential of CBDCs and their implications for the future of global finance. The second session centered around ProgressSoft's cutting-edge Payments Hub, a solution designed to streamline and enhance payment processes.

One of the highlights of the event was a presentation by ProgressSoft's Strategy Manager, Carole Elias, who took the exhibitor stage to discuss the surge and success of instant payments. Ms. Elias delved into the intricacies of the instant payments landscape, highlighting the significant opportunities it presents for financial institutions. She also emphasized the importance of collaboration between regulators and participant banks to ensure the success of national instant payment initiatives. Her presentation resonated with the audience, sparking lively discussions and debate.

ProgressSoft also proudly showcased several of its groundbreaking innovations, including its newly accredited Payments Hub, which has received the prestigious Swift Compatible Application Label in Payments 2023. This recognition positions ProgressSoft as one of only two companies worldwide to achieve this esteemed accreditation, underscoring the company's dedication to meeting the highest industry standards.

Throughout Sibos, ProgressSoft engaged in numerous productive discussions with industry peers, clients, and partners. These interactions allowed the company to gain valuable insights into the evolving needs and challenges of the financial sector, further informing its commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address these demands.

ProgressSoft expresses its gratitude to all attendees, partners, and organizers for making Sibos 2023 a remarkable experience.