ProgressSoft Drives New Mobile Payment Services in Egypt

Cairo, November 27, 2018

ProgressSoft Corporation announced at the 21st Cairo ICT the launch of new, ground-breaking mobile payment services established on the Mobile Payments platform, PS-mPay, in partnership with e-finance.

The Cairo ICT is an annual event held under the patronage of His Excellency Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, President of the Republic of Egypt, and it took place from November 25 – 28, 2018 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in Cairo. During the event, ProgressSoft announced the launch of a new Pensions Mobile Payments service promoted under the brand name of 'Maashy'; another accomplishment in ProgressSoft's successful partnership with e-finance, the first and largest electronic payment gateway in Egypt.

The launch of Maashy by e-finance is targeted to provide pension customers of the Ministry of Social Solidarity with an array of mobile payment services including pension collection, government payments, money transfers, balance inquiry, and bill payments including donations, electricity bills and university tuition fees. Maashy will ultimately reach the 6.5 million pension receivers who are covered by e-finance’s network.

ProgressSoft, in partnership with e-finance, also announced the launch of a new Mobile Payments service provided by the Agricultural Bank of Egypt, presented under the name of 'Agri Phone'. The new service provides banked and unbanked users in the agricultural sector with a wide range of payment services including money transfers and bill payments such as donations and university tuition fees. Banked customers will also be able to conduct loan payments using Agri Phone.

Agri Phone users can avail of all the services provided by 'Khales Mobile,' the brand name for ProgressSoft’s Mobile Payments system, PS-mPay, which was launched by e-finance in 2016. Khales Mobile provides banked and unbanked customers with a wide range of payment services including money transfers and bill presentment and payment and is hosted at e-finance to serve multiple entities in Egypt as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This allows banks to act as service providers through e-finance without the need to integrate the platform on their premises.

ProgressSoft is pleased to be partnering with e-finance, being at the forefront and driving mobile payment services in Egypt.