ProgressSoft Employees Return Home Safely after the Tragic Events in Nepal

Amman, April 29, 2015

ProgressSoft Corporation brings back its employees from Nepal, after the tragic earthquake that took thousands of lives and destroying many homes and historical sites.

ProgressSoft Corporation, a Jordanian leading provider of real-time payment solutions, who has been in partnership with the Nepali Clearing House (NCHL) in addition to the Central Bank of Nepal (Nepal Rastra Bank) and local banks over many projects, has recently embarked on a new endeavor to implement a national Automated Clearing House (ACH) solution.

Upon hearing the horrifying news of the earthquake, ProgressSoft management communicated with its partners and customers in Nepal and shared its condolences and heartfelt sympathies with them, while it immensely started arranging the return of its employees to come back safe and sound to their families.

Ensuring that they are given the proper reception and appreciation, a delegation from ProgressSoft’s management personally received the returning employees at Queen Alia International Airport and congratulated them for a safe arrival.

In Nepal, buses were over crowded with citizens even sitting on the roof just to find their way out of their demolished villages, while many others have chosen to remain in tents that they had set up in public parks and open areas, scared to go back to their homes with the uncertainty of secondary earthquakes that might follow. Rescue missions have been trying to land in Nepal’s one and only international airport but have failed as it is overcrowded and barely functioning.