ProgressSoft Exhibiting in Sibos the World's Leading Financial Forum

Amman, September 9, 2004

Today's successful banks are dynamic, multi-channel, highly flexible organizations with the ability to develop new products, sales tactics and services very quickly to meet market needs. The driving force behind this evolution of the banking industry is information technology.

ProgressSoft with its proven experience in banking solutions will be demonstrating its revolutionary Electronic Image-Based Check Clearing Solution in Sibos - Atlanta 2004.

ProgressSoft's Electronic Image-Based Check Clearing Solution abbreviated (PS-ECC) is an automated straight-through comprehensive nation-wide solution for clearing checks across the country within minutes of depositing the checks.

Indeed, many countries are adopting the solution from ProgressSoft as it has proved its efficiency, cost reduction, fraud elimination, GDP growth and customer satisfaction in the state of Qatar.

"PS-ECC is an End-to-End solution that completely replaces the currently tedious manual and costly clearing process. In addition the solution is flexible and highly configurable enabling it to be tweaked to fit the country rules or customer needs in no time." Said Anan Al-Wanni, Business Development Executive at ProgressSoft.

Under the umbrella of HP, ProgressSoft will be able to draw enormous attention and recognition in North American and European banking and financial markets.

The theme of Sibos 2004 'Time for growth' will be an easy task to achieve with such solutions that will leverage banking services and draw new paths in the financial world.