ProgressSoft Holds its Annual Ramadan Iftar

Amman, September 6, 2010

Coming in line with its annual tradition of celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan, ProgressSoft Corporation held an Iftar banquet for its staff and their families at the prestigious King Hussein Club, Amman, on Monday the 6th of September, 2010.

This annual happening is a symbol of ProgressSoft's appreciation and recognition of all its employees and a reflection of the company's commitment to nurture a sense of belonging and a warm family atmosphere among its staff. Mr. Michael Wakileh, Chief Executive Officer and Co-owner, thanked the employees and their families for their continuous support and remarkable efforts, which collectively raised ProgressSoft to be a household name in banking world.

Following Iftar, the event continued with a relaxing ambience as the attendees enjoyed soothing Oud melodies that were played by members of the company staff. The event also included presenting of gifts for the employees' children.

About ProgressSoft

Established in 1989, ProgressSoft has been focusing its proficiency in Real-time Payments and Imaging technologies to deliver a set of innovative solutions tailored for the needs of the banking and financial sectors. Serving a diversified client base of 140+ banks in 22 countries around the globe, ProgressSoft provides solutions in the fields of Electronic Image-based Check Clearing, Automated Clearing House, Mobile Payments, Intelligent Signature Recognition and Real-time Settlement for Securities Trading.