ProgressSoft Implements a First-Ever Mobile Deposit Check Solution in the GCC

Kuwait, April 30, 2019
ProgressSoft Implements a First-Ever Mobile Deposit Check Solution in the GCC

ProgressSoft Corporation in collaboration with Kuwait Finance House successfully launched today ProgressSoft’s Mobile Remote Deposit Check solution in Kuwait, the first of its kind in the GCC region.

A pioneer financial establishment since 1977, Kuwait Finance House (KFH) implemented the advanced solution in Kuwait as part of its digitization program and endeavor to always furnish its customers with the latest payment innovations.

ProgressSoft’s Mobile Remote Deposit Check solution (Prompt mRDC) introduces a new, convenient self-service channel to KFH customers where they can simply log into the KFH mobile application, capture an image of the check using their smartphone, and have their funds directly deposited into their accounts; a first-ever mark in the region’s banking industry.

"The new digital feature, under the overarching pipeline of digital solutions recently launched, will save KFH customers the time and effort to visit a branch to deposit cheques, while maintaining highest safety and security levels,” noted KFH’s Group Chief Retail and Private Banking Officer, Waleed Khaled Mandani, “through this innovative service, KFH strengthens its leadership as advanced financial solutions provider and keeps abreast of the technological developments in the banking industry, in a way that serves the needs and immediate requirements of the customers."

Prompt mRDC is one of other ECC solutions implemented by KFH in Kuwait and Bahrain under the umbrella of ProgressSoft’s Electronic Check Clearing suite (PS-ECC), which was pioneered as a world-first solution in 2001. Today, the ultramodern suite comprises the latest advancements in check technologies.

ProgressSoft is honored to partake in this regional breakthrough and looks forward to maintaining its fruitful partnership with Kuwait Finance House.