ProgressSoft Implements Electronic Document Signing in the Qatari Judiciary Supreme Council

Doha, November 7, 2007

ProgressSoft, the leading provider of imaging and real-time payment systems, implemented its Electronic Document Signing Solution, PS-eDocSign in the Supreme Judiciary Council of the State of Qatar, manifesting a sophisticated workflow process and efficient check issuing operations.

Upon extensive training sessions and successful 5-day pilot testing, the Supreme Judiciary Council is now ready to deploy a highly advanced workflow process that electronically handles data and signatures needed for checks issued by the Council. Such checks are generated for legal cases that result in check payments made between two parties through the Council. Exploiting its expertise in imaging technology, ProgressSoft provided PS-eDocSign to create an automated business process that implements contemporary means for signature verification and recognition.

The system facilitates the entry of data pertaining to each case after which a supervising party reviews and issues approval (or rejection) on entered data. Accepted case data are electronically distributed to judges who provide their signatures via a signature pad in order to approve checks. Before final approval is issued on checks to be printed, the judge's signature is compared to the signature copies maintained by the system. PS-eDocSign conducts a sophisticated signature verification process to validate the signature of the authorized person issuing the check.

Judges can directly feel the advantages of PS-eDocSign as it affords a convenient method for them to issue checks with a single signature that can be used to approve any number of checks at once. Deploying its workflow engine, the system streamlines different processes taking place between all involved parties in the Council. Repetitive signing of paper-based checks is replaced by digital signing, bringing new levels of efficient productivity. Moreover, cumbersome processes like check collection and manual data entry are now needless.

With PS-eDocSign, judges can easily manage approved/rejected checks while distribution routines of checks among any number of judges can smoothly take place. The solution also generates special reports to track various processes taking place on checks prior to printing.

[About the Supreme Judiciary Council]
The judicial authority law first introduced "The Supreme Judicial Council" to the Qatari judicial system in its Article no. (22) that stipulated its establishment and composition and stated that it should be headed by the President of the Supreme Court. The law charged the Council with several competences based on working to realize judicial independence and managing its affairs by extending consultation in judicial issues and appointing judges, transferring them and seconding them in addition to handling complaints related to their affairs and questioning them.

[About ProgressSoft]
Committed to a boundless aspiration towards innovation since its inception in 1989, ProgressSoft has been focusing its proficiency in imaging technology to deliver an impressive suite of intelligent solutions to the financial world. Today, ProgressSoft has consolidated its position as the new household name in the banking industry, claiming an active role in shaping the future of a technology-driven era of electronic financial services.