ProgressSoft Launches its Nursery Service for the Working Mothers

Amman, January 29, 2015

ProgressSoft Corporation, the leading provider of real-time payments, started running today its Nursery Service for the working mothers of the company in its headquarters in Amman - Jordan.

In its pursuit for being the leader in payment solutions globally and while providing top-notch services to its clients, ProgressSoft invests in the same manner in its own employees and provides the same unmatched services and conveniences for all the employees to make the workplace a true home away from home by all meaning of the word.

Focusing on the gentler part of its workplace society, ProgressSoft works hard to make sure that all female employees are treated as an exact equal to their fellow employees.

Moreover, catering for the working mothers who leave their homes, families and children to make a living, ProgressSoft decided to bring their homes closer to them by dedicating an entire floor within its premises to provide Nursery Services for their children.

From the moment of arriving to work in the morning until they leave in the afternoon, mothers now have the utmost peace of mind, knowing that their children are well taken care of and only a few steps away.

Mr. Michael Wakileh, CEO and Co-Founder of ProgressSoft Corporation explained, "At ProgressSoft, we believe that women constitute half the society, and a working mother who does both her domestic and professional roles in the society should be rewarded by giving her the needed support to make her motherly duties trouble-free. We worked hard, and will continue to do, to make sure that ProgressSoft Nursery provides world-class services at all levels, and is very well prepared to the last bit of detail.""

ProgressSoft Nursery is set with top of the line children-specific equipment, educational toys and all the necessary gear with the highest standards of safety and hygiene checked for every item.

Highly qualified personnel supervise ProgressSoft Nursery and make sure it lives up to the international standards of high-quality childcare, learning and child development methodologies.

ProgressSoft new premises was built and designed based on the vision of “home away from home” so that each employee is provided with all the necessary services without the need to leave the building. Those services include an online food ordering system, vending machines, gym, showers, dining areas and entertainment center to name a few.