ProgressSoft Showcases CBDC in Mexico City

Mexico City, May 21, 2023

ProgressSoft concludes participation as Primary Sponsor of two prestigious events for central banks and regulatory bodies in Mexico City: The Currency Conference and The Digital Currency Conference 2023.

The Currency Conference brought together policymakers, regulators and technology experts for discussions on currency policy, strategy, technical innovation and best practices, and was held in conjunction with The Digital Currency Conference, which focused specifically on technology and design aspects of central bank and private digital currencies.

ProgressSoft showcased its Central Bank Digital Currency solution, which during last year’s conference, was recognized with the Advancement of Digital Currency in Interoperability award owing to bespoke features that enable central banks to completely revolutionize the future of interoperability in cross-border financial ecosystems. This year, the solution was also shortlisted as one of the finalists in the ‘Best Financial Inclusion Initiative in Digital Currency’ category.

Moreover, ProgressSoft shared additional developments and progress on its CBDC solution and the rapidly developing domain, through the participation in the digital currency innovation workshop and two panel sessions during the conferences, covering the topics of CBDCs vs. cash and global standards for digital currency designs.

ProgressSoft’s Director of Product Development, Rawan Soudah, took the stage to present CBDC interoperability dimensions and approaches, including horizontal and vertical dimensions of interoperability driven by funding and payments use cases in the domestic, cross-border and offline context. This is in addition to covering emerging approaches, experiments and concepts that inform CBDC interoperability design thinking.

ProgressSoft is honored to have met with esteemed regulators from around the world in Mexico City and looks forward to the next central banking convention in June 2023 at the Central Bank Payments Conference.