ProgressSoft Successfully Launches Its Mobile Payment Solution in Libya

Tripoli, October 19, 2017

ProgressSoft is thrilled to announce the successful launch of its Mobile Payment Solution, PS-mPay in Libya by Almadar Aljadid in October 2017.

ProgressSoft collaborated with Almadar Aljadid, a payment service provider and government owned mobile network operator with over 3 million subscribers, to launch PS-mPay in Libya.

PS-mPay is a contemporary mobile payments platform that allows for domestic and cross-border remittances for both banked and unbanked users. The launch of the platform by Almadar allows them to provide secure, versatile services to unbanked users including person-to-person money transfers, mobile bill payments, and mobile top-ups, all with a One Time Password (OTP) security feature. It also provides merchant debit and credit payments, internet pre-paid and post-paid payments and agent cash in and out.

Despite regional challenges, the commendable efforts of ProgressSoft and AlMadar implementation teams have ensured the seamless and smooth launch of PS-mPay.

The strong partnership between ProgressSoft and Almadar continues as they set up for the launch of phase two of the implementation, which will place AlMadar as a switch for directing mobile payment transactions between banks, to include both banked and unbanked users in the mobile payments ecosystem in Libya.