ProgressSoft to Launch its Instant Payments System in HBTF

Amman, September 8, 2020
ProgressSoft to Launch its Instant Payments System in HBTF

ProgressSoft and the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance (HBTF) signed a new agreement to launch ProgressSoft’s Instant Payments System (PS-IPS), an advanced participant solution that avails instantaneous payment services to clients.

The ultramodern solution seamlessly integrates with the IPS central system which has been recently launched by the Central Bank of Jordan and is fully compliant with the technical and Application Programming Interface (API) specifications published by the central bank.

Utilizing PS-IPS, HBTF is able to provide its clients with 24x7 real-time payments including person-to-person, person-to-business, business-to-business, governmental transactions and more, as well as offer immediate funds availability – covering the essential and highly demanded features in the market.

The signing of the new agreement is only one of many success stories in the fruitful partnership between ProgressSoft and HBTF in which ProgressSoft’s Electronic Check Clearing and Post-Dated Checks solutions at the bank have been recently and successfully upgraded to the latest unified version (19.0).

ProgressSoft is always thrilled to mark new milestones in its longstanding partnership with HBTF and looks forward to commencing the ground-breaking implementation of its PS-IPS at the bank.