ProgressSoft to Launch its Instant Payments System in SIB

Amman, September 28, 2020
ProgressSoft to Launch its Instant Payments System in SIB

ProgressSoft is delighted to announce the signing of a new agreement with Safwa Islamic Bank (SIB) to launch ProgressSoft’s Instant Payments System (PS-IPS), an ultramodern solution that avails instant payment services to clients.

In light of the Central Bank of Jordan’s newly launched instant payments central system, CliQ, and its directive for banks to connect to the system by the end of the year, SIB chose ProgressSoft as its preferred payment solution provider of the participant system, PS-IPS, which seamlessly integrates with CliQ and is fully compliant with the technical and Application Programming Interface (API) specifications published by the central bank.

Utilizing PS-IPS, SIB will be able to provide its clients with 24x7 instant payment services including person-to-person, person-to-business, business-to-business, governmental transactions and more with immediate funds availability.

ProgressSoft is thrilled to be once again partnering with SIB for a groundbreaking implementation and looks forward to a fruitful go-live in the near future.