QIIB Integrates with Fawran Through Payments Hub

Doha , Qatar, May 1, 2024
QIIB Integrates with Fawran Through Payments Hub

ProgressSoft is proud to announce another successful launch of Fawran, Qatar Central Bank's innovative instant payment service, by Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB), using its renowned Payments Hub Platform. This milestone underscores ProgressSoft’s unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and efficiency in Qatar’s financial sector.

The introduction of Fawran by Qatar Central Bank establishes a comprehensive nationwide instant payment ecosystem. This innovative service guarantees 24/7 multi-directional payment transfers across various transaction types, including credit transfers, request-to-pay, return and request-to-return, ensuring elevated customer satisfaction and facilitated financial operations.

The adoption of the new service, facilitated by ProgressSoft’s Payments Hub Platform, marks a pivotal advancement in QIIB’s financial services, catalyzing efficiency and accessibility for its clients through always available payment services. The platform also seamlessly integrates with all internal banking systems, omnichannels and versatile payment networks.

ProgressSoft Qatar’s Country Manager, Amjad Zawyani, noted, "We are thrilled to witness the continued growth of our network as more banks adopt Fawran via our Payments Hub Platform. This signifies a substantial enhancement of Qatar's financial infrastructure, reaffirming our dedication to providing cutting-edge, dependable payment solutions where each transaction is not only expedited but also seamless and secure."

ProgressSoft is honored to be facilitating the compliance and seamless delivery of Fawran services across Qatar's financial industry and is pleased to be a long-term partner of QIIB.