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Prompt Archive

Prompt Archive is a powerful check archiving solution that is especially tailored to work alongside the bank's check clearing system to provide reliable check storage and handling.

Prompt Archive integrates with ProgressSoft's PS-ECC and Prompt Check, or any other image-based check clearing solution to provide efficient archiving of check images and data. This takes place by utilizing the clearing system's imaging capabilities by which physical checks are captured at the bank or other points of presentment, and accordingly transmitted through the clearing network.

The solution operates by archiving old or non-frequently used check information originally present in the check clearing system's database. The archiving process takes place according to a user-defined archive schedule, which involves a number of date and time parameters.

Prompt Archive provides a Check Exchange Report of the bank's Inward and Outward check flow. Through the solution's friendly interface, users can easily retrieve needed information via a powerful search engine. Search results are rendered as per a range of criteria that are initially specified by the user.

Prompt Archive primarily decreases operational load off the electronic check clearing system, giving a boost to the system’s processing potential while allowing most inquiries to be handled promptly at the archiving solution level.

Prompt Archive provides permanent storage of business critical check information at a lower cost, with its support to archiving and maintenance on external storage devices, while backups can be retained with inexpensive offline media (Tape Drives).

The solution is perceived by banks as an efficient means to maintain the huge size of image files, in a secure yet easily accessible environment.

Using its robust search engine, archived images and data can be promptly retrieved and reviewed by authorized bank personnel, with a range of parameters displayed for each check, including the check no., date, amount, bank of first deposit (BFC), paying bank, etc.

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